People maslows, if you make more an hour s family u: Dolce

Люди щасливіші, коли проводять більше часу з сім'єю: дослідження

The results dozen, opoona in journal World Leisure Journal, vcen z asuvale scho hour, that people make from svoi blizkimi the home at zvicina pasakaina the Ref I rozvaga Robit clew family . maslivka.

Autorka dozen the Department of children docente I smanik dozen in Robbinston Kolej receptionists health protection that humantronic Sciences Karen Melton has zagolosili scho nikraim a description: happiness for SMA Mauger Buti hour, yaky stink glad the conductive time Domashni the Ref. About TSE podomoro vidana Medik Forum.

Dolce capitali uchasnikiv, Chi ti the hours spent together with family u for ostan 12 months, an hour on skilki TSE vtratili I often Yak TSE Bulo. So z asuvale scho people that spent hours in the home, simoudis pasakainie the Ref, Boule porwnania maslows in Parveen z timey, hto tsogo not Robin.

Besides, autorka dozen have zaznaczyla scho some of experimenti pctermroute day about those scho spline Breakfast (OBD Chi supper) . Grasim way funktsionuvannya smell, than pregled Telesur time toscho.

“According to SMA accne unity – TSE supper time ABO Gras igri, for NSA TSE mozhut Buti hob, video or television, Musica”, – doda Melton.

Sauvagine, scho to tsogo Dolce disli visnovku after holding online Dolce semeynogo leisure. Professionals probally of about 800 SMA have Velikobritanii.

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