People read more

Les gens lisent davantage

Audrey Martel is convinced that the current pandemic has led people to turn to reading. At the height of the crisis, and in this moment.

“We are fortunate to be booksellers at this time. It is made of super nice days, we see plenty of the world and there are tourists in our trade. One feels, in the last few years, a shift towards buying local and close “, has launched the co-owner of the bookstore the Exedra in Trois-Rivières.

The bookseller notes that the people, at the height of the pandemic, turned to the reading and that they continue to do so.

“There is something emotional and reassuring. It is timeless and it is a hobby that is not super expensive. It was something tangible that we can keep, that one can read again and that we can move on “, she said, during a phone interview.

Like all independent bookstores, The Exedra has seen a wave of online orders surge, when the owners, for the sake of safety for the customer, chose to close a few days before the decision of the government.

The five books sold a week through the portal became a hundred times.

“There are weeks where I had the impression that it was 10 000. There has been a decrease with the re-opening, but it continues, ” she remarked.

Walking and cycling

In addition to accepting orders by phone and by Facebook, the Exedra has put in place a delivery system.

“We made deliveries on foot, when it was on our way and biking in certain areas of Trois-Rivières. We always tried to make the deliveries ourselves. It allowed us to reduce the postage cost, and also to keep a contact with the customers, ” she mentioned.

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