People, that Narovlia in 1970-1980-x Rokach, as the 65 years retirement is not vidut – expert

Люди, які народилися в 1970-1980-х роках, раніше 65 років на пенсію не вийдуть - експерт

People, that Narovlia in the 1970s and 80s the rocky matimati pension on tretino less than ti, the Yakima pomestila of Viti to retire until 2018 year.

Taku Dumka pid hour Pres-Konferenz in nformation agentstv “the ГолосUA” visloviv expert s social pitani of Andriy Pavlovsky.

“Pencina reform in 2017 year, conducted by Uryadov Groisman, head of the Mets put zmenshennya catastrophes defcit budget Pensijnogo Fund. So, in 2017 year decit Pensijnogo Fund sanoviv 133 billion, at a time VIN of dosag 173 billion in derebucak zatverdzheno I figure. That is, decit budget Pensijnogo Fund tbilisisa 40 billion UAH. Mattie-I’m reform so I don’t dosage” – pidkreslyv expert.

A. Pawlowski zaznaczyl scho to 2028 rock minimalni trudovi experience guilty bude skladate 35 years, as Bulo 15 years of seniority, that is, experience tbilisisa more than UDC. People the 70 of their I 80’s years as narodzhennya, than 65 years, retirement is not widout. TSI people matimati pension on tretinu the less, than the people of Yakima pomestila of Viti to retire until 2018 year.

Expert todav scho another way zmenshennya decito Pensijnogo Fund – TSE zmenshennya rozmiru pensions for rakhunok zmenshennya coefcient seniority. TSE porsenna Convents MOS. “Yak known that pension guilty booty not less than 40% from Seregno salaries, mi Qiu directly parushev Umov”, – said the expert.

Yak perevet sweeya of strahovi experience
“Dokupili of strahovi experience possible. Year experience today can be bought for 18 980 UAH, but not more than 3 rocky. Ale in the country, de blessthe people purebeauty on mezhi bdest, TSE Zaharna scrip. Better all are palasti TSI Groshi, yakscho stink yea from the person of, on a Deposit” – uklaw A. Pavlovskii.

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