“People tortured to death”: the American writer Stephen Kinzer — secret CIA program on mind control

The CIA spent years to learn to control the human mind. American intelligence agencies used methods that were used in Nazi concentration camps, as well as an Arsenal of poisons. However, the secret program has failed — the experimenters did was to destroy a mind subject, but to subjugate it could not. However, many of the resulting developments were applied later in Guantanamo, and military campaigns in Vietnam and the middle East. In an interview with RT America presenter Chris Hedges told American journalist and writer Steven Kinzer, devoted to the investigation of the secret activities of intelligence services in his book, “Chief poisoner. Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA in search of a means of mind control”.

«Людей истязали до смерти»: американский писатель Стивен Кинцер — о секретной программе ЦРУ по контролю над сознанием

© Charles Ommanney/Getty Images In the USA there are two types of power. The first — visible — is the White house, Congress, courts, state legislatures, governors. The second type is the so-called deep state, which continues to operate regardless of which party won the election. Its most powerful bodies — the intelligence. They control a huge underground world whose mission is to support the functioning of the “invisible” government. Can you tell us more?

— In fact, my entire career is dedicated to what you’re saying — try to understand what is hidden behind the facade of foreign and domestic policy. And I found a lot of amazing things. I can’t believe this was this man really existed.

But let’s order. Before Gottlieb (Sidney Gottlieb, an American chemist who took part in secret CIA programs. — RT) appeared on the scene, the propagandists of the CIA coined the term “brainwashing”. It was first used people who worked at the service who tried to convince Americans that the Soviet Union is trying to “brainwash them”. And the CIA believed its own fiction. There were a number of reasons. First, events occurred which in the intelligence completely misinterpreted.

— What events is it?

One of them — the trial of a Catholic cardinal in Hungary in 1949. During the process sometimes might seem that his speech is too monotonous, and look “glassy”, and even he admits that what actually did not commit. And then in the United States decided he was “brainwashed”.

«Людей истязали до смерти»: американский писатель Стивен Кинцер — о секретной программе ЦРУ по контролю над сознанием

Stephen Kinzer © RTДПозднее it turned out that the cardinal was forced to admit the guilt of the methods that the investigators used for centuries.

But the CIA too wanted to believe in their imagination, so they decided that the USSR invented a “pill” that allows you to control the mind. The same thoughts pushed and the situation of the American prisoners of war released after the Korean war because they signed condemning USA statement. Plus some of them admitted to use of bacteriological weapons, which, according to the Washington, USA not used.Again, the only explanation is that the CIA wanted to see: “They were brainwashed”. And then Director Allen DULLES came up with the idea: the key to world domination in mind control. And if you find a way to control other people’s minds, you can control the world! He really believed that was possible. Partly because of the events that I mentioned. But there was another circumstance.

I’m talking about mass culture — all these movies, books and stories about hypnotists, manipulators, or those who dripped something into someone’s drink and people who drink, commit a murder, but it later disappeared from his memory. And the CIA decided: “what can you think of novelists, scientists probably are able to bring to life.”
They needed a chemist, thinking prospectively and thus are willing to ignore ethical standards, most of which seem to be mandatory. And so they came to an amazing man named Sidney Gottlieb, which is in my book a Central place.

— Back to the postwar period. Operation called operation Paperclip: USA recruited and whitewash war criminals, governing medical experiments on humans in concentration camps and in the Japanese occupied Manchuria. Tell us about the scientists who were involved in this program.

— Gottlieb argued thus: before investing in someone’s brain new mind, we have to somehow “carry” the previous, to destroy the psyche of man, his soul and body, if possible. Where to start? Is there any experts in such matters? Of course the doctors of the Nazi concentration camps! Those who did surgery in Manchuria (in the Second world war, the Japanese military created in the occupied territory of China “unit 731” that performed experiments on people. — RT). Instead of hanging these men, the United States decided to take them to work. They became the Foundation of the American program on mind control.

— You write that Americans have become available for their research, including tissue samples, which in Japan often took more people alive…

— In the United States was incredibly excited to learn the results of the experiments were fatal. And performed them people have become valuable colleagues doctors from the CIA. Studying materials for the book, I found, like, the first secret CIA prison — a pretty Chalet in Germany. At first glance you think that this is a hotel. The owner, a young German businessman, was very helpful: let me inside and held in the basement. There he said: “there was a camera where the doctors of the CIA along with fellow Nazis experimented, which was just a continuation of experiences in the concentration camps”. According to him, all living in the vicinity of the old people know just what happened in this building. They told me about the graves. Previously, there where the body was wood, and now they are under high-rise buildings.— These people have even described by the term “expendable”…

— The so-called those who could be tortured to death or used in experiments that led to the death of the victim. These were people from Europe and East Asia: the alleged enemy agents, refugees with no known relationships with anyone who could make a complaint. Like this “article” Sidney Gottlieb and his team put the most transcendent experiences.

What they achieved?

I wanted to understand how to destroy a man mentally. Projects Gottlieb was conducted both in the U.S. and abroad. In America, he preferred to experiment on prisoners.

— African Americans?

—Mostly. Exactly over them, by the way, was one of the most unimaginable experiments. The medic from team Gottlieb was selected among inmates in a Federal prison, Kentucky African Americans and seven for seventy seven days daily fed them a triple dose of LSD, what they are, of course, did not know. The purpose of this was to find out whether such a mockery of a man to destroy his psyche. It turned out that can. The fate of those seven are not known to us, their names we do not know — all the documents were destroyed.

In Europe and East Asia command Gottlieb spent even more horrific experiments in which people were tortured to death. In one of them “expendable” with the help of barbiturates were first immersed in a deep coma, and then injected a whopping dose of stimulants. And during the transition from coma to hyperactivity electrocuted, and made sudden changes in temperature from extremely low to extremely high. Destroyed the psyche of such a test? Of course!

— We know that Gottlieb was equipped with the so-called “asylum” in new York, San Francisco and Marin County. How did it work?

He organized a series of experiments — 149 so-called “subprojects”. The purpose of one of them was to find out whether it is possible to “split”, using sex and drugs, but in different combinations. For this purpose he opened in San Francisco brothel on Telegraph hill.

— It is necessary to mention white, who was in charge of the brothel…

Yes. According to the decision of Gottlieb managing a brothel in San Francisco became the agent of the Federal Bureau of narcotics George hunter white. This whole experiment called “Operation “midnight climax”.

«Людей истязали до смерти»: американский писатель Стивен Кинцер — о секретной программе ЦРУ по контролю над сознанием

Reuters © Stephen LamУайт was the guardian of the law, but he didn’t follow through. His position did not prevent him from using drugs and alcohol in large quantities.

— By the way, before he ruined star jazz Billie holiday…

— Yes, in new York, he pursued jazz, and then moved to San Francisco. To work in a brothel took a group of prostitutes who were paid to lure men there. And George hunter white — a person having neither a psychology degree nor relevant experience, was watching through the mirror, sipping martinis.

Ten years of experimentation, Gottlieb came to the conclusion that there are many ways of physical and mental destruction of the person. But no way to put a new mind in the void he was never found. In fact, he came to the conclusion that mind control is a myth. For ten years he abused people for nothing.But later it turned out that he left a noticeable trace in the work of the CIA. He even wrote a number of papers on interrogation techniques. I also note that Gottlieb versed in poisons, perhaps better than anyone in America, and maybe in the world.

Yes, people Gottlieb worked with biological agents, sarin, they had an Arsenal of such weapons. I think it is worth to mention the CIA scientist Olson…

Yes, the group of Gottlieb was a chemist Frank Olson, who worked in the laboratory on the base of Fort Detrick in Maryland, and he had great doubts about all this activity.In the summer of 1953 Olson travelled to Europe, where he saw people being tortured, perhaps to death, by the poison of his own devising. He was so impressed by this painting that he is planning to leave the CIA, telling colleagues. Information quickly came to Gottlieb. From the group of Olson was the only one who felt guilty. And a few weeks after he began to tell about his doubts, Olson died after falling from a window of the thirteenth floor.

But Gottlieb was secretly given LSD even his subordinates, including Olson, to assess the effect…

— LSD Gottlieb was delighted. Only after twenty-two years the family of Olson reported that it was not just a suicide due to depression: “We must admit that secretly gave him LSD. He had a drug psychosis, which we contributed”. US President Gerald Ford then invited his relatives to apologize — this had not happened! But now the family believes that even the circumstance with LSD — just another attempt to conceal information and that Olson did not commit suicide — he was pushed out the window.

— Exhumed. And what transpired?

— On his forehead found a huge bruise…

— And he landed on his back…

Later we found the “user manual” for murder, written by Gottlieb at the time. It shows that the most effective way to throw someone from a great height. But first you need to “disable” a blow on the forehead. So it all fits.

Now — about the McGill University, where he studied how to break a man. Subsequently, it has found application in the so-called “emergency transfer of people” in Guantanamo and so on.

Yes. All the methods that used and described by Gottlieb became the basis of the manuals, used in Vietnam, Latin America and the middle East.

— Used extreme isolation, sensory overload, deprivation. And it turned out that they can be used very quickly to make people almost have fallen in childhood and became completely dependent on who’s questioning him…

Addiction plays a key role. Gottlieb first, the CIA developed the following idea: that man has done as you will need to cut it off from all sensory stimuli and make you believe that you are his only way back into the real world. That is acted in Vietnam and Latin America, and then — very subtly — in places like Guantanamo.

«Людей истязали до смерти»: американский писатель Стивен Кинцер — о секретной программе ЦРУ по контролю над сознанием

In a psychiatric hospital at the state prison San Quentin, CA. Reuters © Stephen Lam— That is, in essence, an updated version of the same manuals?

Is just one example of how Gottlieb still makes itself felt.

At the beginning of the cold war, the authorities said in case of emergency in the face of incredible threat to the United States the Americans will have to sacrifice some legal, ethical and moral principles that we usually keep. Now we are saying the same thing.Constantly there are any emergencies, we become vulnerable to statements like: “We need to strengthen surveillance, increase control, limit civil liberties. When the threat disappears, all will return into place”. But this, of course, is not happening.Source

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