People were stunned to see a pregnant girl 10-12 years. But when he came to the father of the child, their eyes on a forehead have got! (video)

This social experiment brought a lot of noise!

Люди були приголомшені, побачивши вагітну дівчинку 10-12 років. Але коли прийшов батько дитини, у них очі на лоб полізли! (відео)

People in the modern world should help each other and take care. Of course, mostly every man for himself. But what if you need help? Do not forget about those who are near and do not forget to lend a helping hand.

This will show people’s attitude towards pregnant girls. You will be amazed. When passersby see a shocking scene in the Park on a bench sits a pregnant girl.

Is a girl! She is 10-12 years … She strokes his huge belly and takes a deep breath, as if about to give birth. It simulates contractions right on a Park bench. Passers-by just in shock. But that’s not the most interesting. After a while, a man the girls in the jeep.

By the way, he is also that age, but pretty confident behaves. Passers-by amazed at what is happening and can’t believe my eyes, but still pay attention to the girl who needs help. It is clear that it was just a social experiment. The girl is not pregnant and the jeep drives a man behind. Watch the reaction of people. And how would you react?

Pleasant viewing!

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