People who cry during movies, is mentally stronger

To be able to survive for another person is not weakness.

Люди, які плачуть під час фільмів, — психічно сильніші

The most important truth about people who cry at movies (unless you are pregnant with hormonal changes), is that they know how to sympathize with, informs Rus.Media.

And this is a really special kind of people who know how to sympathize. In fact many today real narcissists and sociopaths, which is generally alien to empathy. They never put themselves in the place of others, and that nobody lives better. They can’t feel what other people feel, and don’t even want and not try to do it.

Feelings about the other’s feelings requires strength, very much. With some people life is very cruel, and if you can put yourself in the shoes of another person, to feel the pain he is experiencing, that says a lot about you.

It means you are strong enough to withstand the pain. Are you strong enough to be strong for others. You are strong to such an extent that you understand what happens to a person and what he feels.

To be able to survive for another person is not weakness, even if we are talking about a fictional hero of the movie. It shows that you have a heart, and that heart is about to explode from the pain of others. Even to the end of the movie heart comes back to normal.

And a quick healing, too, says something: that you are strong enough again to get up and go, and that you are smart enough to distinguish the tale from reality.

Of course, often we cry because the hero of the film was in the same situation in which we are the tears of painful memories. And this is also the strength again to deal with the fact that I hurt in the past.

Sometimes people cry when they are overwhelmed with emotions from the genius of the film. And it’s not pretentious people. It’s called Stendhal syndrome, in its advanced forms, when the work of art touches you to such an extent that you are not only emotional, but also physical symptoms.

People who are very sensitive to how the movie affects them normally, watching good movies, listening to good music, read good books. And is also power – contrary to what is happening today with society.