People’s daily: his “piece of paper” America has shown the true face

Жэньминь жибао: своим «клочком бумаги» Америка показала истинное лицо

On November 19 local time, the U.S. Senate approved the so-called “Bill of human rights and democracy in Hong Kong 2019” to openly support the rebels. US intervention in accordance with the internal law in Hong Kong constitutes interference in China’s internal Affairs, self-willed suppression of basic norms of international law and international relations. Such actions once again show the hegemonic nature of the USA, which is a serious provocation to the entire Chinese people, including residents of Hong Kong. China warns the us and calls to abandon gross interference in matters of Hong Kong, any bill that violates basic norms of international law and international relations, and aimed at interference in the internal Affairs of China, is a “piece of paper” and is doomed to failure.Since a wave of protests in connection with the consideration of amendments to the law on extradition in Hong Kong do not stop and even increased violent criminal acts. Aggressive-minded protesters engaged in vandalism and commit arson, paralyze traffic, beaten by the police and local residents. They turned the campuses into “weapons factory” seriously violating the basic rights of residents of the district, including police officers, to security of person and freedom of speech, as well as undermining the basic law, public order, prosperity and stability in Hong Kong. The rebels threw a serious challenge to the principle of “one country, two systems”, pushing the Hong Kong to an extremely dangerous situation.Against the background of these criminal acts of the us side does not pay attention to what is happening and distorts the facts, prefers to hide behind “human rights and freedom”, roughly interfering in the internal Affairs of Hong Kong and China deliberately undervalues the Chinese Central government and administration of the Hong Kong SAR, openly supports actions targeted “against China” and encouraging “the disturbances in Hong Kong”.Sovereign equality and noninterference in internal Affairs is the most important principle of international law. Historically and until the present time developing countries, including China, suffered from the forced interference of foreign States, and such blatant interference in most cases was accompanied by the pretext of “human rights and freedom”. Since the Hong Kong protests began, facts about political manipulation of U.S. in Hong Kong fully showed the real nature of Washington’s intervention in the internal Affairs of other countries under the pretext of “human rights and freedom,” fully demonstrated that there are double standards.Hong Kong is heading into the dangerous abyss of “terrorism”. American policy, by promoting and taking the bill to Hong Kong, do not take into account the interests of the residents of this special administrative region of China, provide a “safe haven” for the rebels, create an “obstacle” to saranskoy administration to halt the violence. The present appearance of the United States, which, under the pretext of human rights and democracy to interfere in the internal Affairs of another country, displayed on clean water.Numerous facts indicate that American policy makers not worried about the interests, well-being and democratic rights of the people of Hong Kong, they deliberately undermine the status of Hong Kong as an international financial, trade and logistics center, openly and brazenly “pave the way” for the rebels. Thus, they try to use the unrest in Hong Kong and to snatch political capital, but also to prevent the development of China.Currently, an urgent problem in Hong Kong is the cessation of violence and chaos, restoring order. Any attempt by the USA to create chaos in Hong Kong and to hinder the development of China will remain unfulfilled plans. Any excuse and the adoption of various bills — all this futile effort.Hong Kong belongs to China. Affairs of Hong Kong must necessarily be resolved within the framework of PRC Constitution and the basic law of the Hong Kong SAR. The Chinese government in any case will not allow external forces in Hong Kong to do whatever they please.

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