Performers of wedding songs in there was a dog : We didn’t even know that zazvuchit in the cartoon

Исполнители  свадебной  песни в  Жил-был пес :  Мы даже не знали, что зазвучим в мультфильме

Performers “wedding” songs, “there once was a dog”: “We do not even know that zazvuchit in the cartoon” [photos, video]
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Due to its unique technique of singing – trehalose “Tree” is known not only in Ukraine but also abroad Photo: from the official website of the band “the Tree”.

The famous “Oh there on the Hori” is performed by the ensemble “Drevo” from Poltava.

The small village of Kryachkivka, Pyriatyn district, Poltava region is known not only throughout Ukraine, but also abroad. His fame it has folklore collective “the Tree”, which was formed in 1960 and recently celebrated its 55th anniversary. The participants sing the old folk songs of Poltava region of 18-19 centuries in a unique technique of polyphony without accompaniment, that is, in its original form.

At concerts the song is not know

– In 1958 to us from the Kiev Conservatory came a collector of folklore Vladimir Matvienko, – says one of the most senior participants of the “Tree” Hope Rosabela. We gathered at a local club young families: my husband and Fedor, Zagorulko, Malyshenko. Under the direction of Halyna Popko sang a few songs. Matvienko was heard, and two years later again, we rolled. Since then, we officially began to act as a team.

Hope Nikitichna recalls how в1982 year they went to Moscow to record the album in the recording Studio “Melody”. Recorded 24 songs, among them “Oh there on the Hori”. And in the same year came out and one of the most beloved Soviet cartoon “there Lived a dog.” Phrases from it are quoted to this day. That there is only one wolf “right now sing”! Just it it aborts Ukrainian folk song, which delay the women at the table, and which (wow!) sounds voices “of the Tree.”

Исполнители  свадебной  песни в  Жил-был пес :  Мы даже не знали, что зазвучим в мультфильме

The team was founded in 1960 in the village of Kryachkivka in the region.Photo: from the official website of the band “the Tree”.

– Apparently, the Director heard the album and decided to use the song in our performance, says the songstress. But we didn’t know anything, no we have not addressed and permission is not asked. We ourselves were surprised when watched the movie and heard what we were singing.

The team is credited with the performance and another song that sounds in “there once was a dog” – “So dad Kosiv, Kosiv sin”. But Hope Rosabela says: it also takes the team from Poltava, but the other – from Lubny. And the song “the Tree” “Oh there on the Hori”is constantly heard in all the speeches, however, students rarely learned that it was “the same song”. And the artists did not declare that she accidentally became a cartoon.

Oddfour generations of participants

The repertoire of the “Tree” only about 150 ancient songs, they gathered Halyna Popko, who led a team of 51 years. In 2011, Galina did not, and the duties of the head took Nina Reva, who sings in “the Tree” 30 years. The same senior members of the ensemble today are Hope and Fedor Rosamary who’s about to turn 79. And the youngest actress Maria Vedenskoi – 29.

In 55 years of existence “the Tree” had already had four generations of participants. Five years ago, a soloist of the famous band was an American of Ukrainian origin Yuri Fedynsky who came to live in Kryachkivka almost from new York. Mother of Yuri is Ukrainian, but because the guy and the Ukrainian language knows well and sings great.

Исполнители  свадебной  песни в  Жил-был пес :  Мы даже не знали, что зазвучим в мультфильме

Hope Rosabela (center) is a veteran team, sings it for the past 55 years.Photo: from the official website of the band “the Tree”.

About original and authentic “Tree” are well-known in France, and in Poland and in Slovakia. The participants often give master-classes on execution in the technique of polyphony. They constantly call and invite to concerts, and even request permission to use the songs now in the movies. Hope Rosabela smiles: Yes, I do use. No money and awards for this team requires, most importantly, to Ukrainian folk song sounded for all the world.

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