Personal belongings Madonna go under the hammer for tens of thousands of dollars

Личные вещи Мадонны уходят из-под молотка за десятки тысяч долларов

It is reported that the Gotta Have Rock and Roll Auctions decided to sell some personal items of the singer’s personal archives for a few tens of thousands.

Now I do not have to doubt that the Madonna – girl-materialist, and is quite expensive. Among the lots at the auction there is a love letter from Madonna to Amanda Casale, with which they were kissing in the scandalous video for the song “Justify My Love”. Amanda admitted that it was one of the many letters that Madonna sent her. Madonna said that doesn’t know any women that would be more beautiful than Amanda, expresses a desire again to kiss her, and mentions that the country “is more difficult to seduce than the Pope”, clearly alluding to the scandal when the Catholic Church threatened to exclude Madonna from the ranks of the parishioners.

This letter is going to sell at a starting price of 15 thousand dollars. Also in the list of lots included her personal clothing, according to some, even underwear, petticoats of her wedding dress. Also among the lots not lost her personal manuscript of songs that never saw the world, the letter to film Director Stephen lewicki, where he talked about how he wants to be in the movie. In the letter she said that as a child dreamed of being a nun, and now, in the movie, wants to play the role of “incredible” nuns, probably alluding to their sexuality.

In total, the auction under the hammer leave lot 41, and the smallest the starting price is 380 pounds, for one Nude photo of Madonna young.


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