Personal information: Bell pinned up by the office of the privacy commissioner

Delays and incomplete responses from Bell to several requests of its clients have exasperated the commissioner for the protection of the private life, Daniel Therrien, on more than one occasion in recent years.

Documents disclosed under the Act, access to information demonstrate that Bell has not complied with the provisions of the Act on the protection of personal information. It stipulates that an individual who made the request shall be informed of the existence, use and disclosure of their personal information, and this, in a reasonable period of time.

However, Bell appears to increase the delays in the matter, says the Commissioner in a report of a complaint determined to be ” founded “.

“Our office was not convinced by the explanation of Bell concerning the delays in response, as well as the incomplete nature of his first two attempts to reply to the access request. An organization of large and sophisticated as this one should have the necessary staff, ” noted the commissioner in an internal note.

Not a first

This is not the first time that Bell is pinned by the commissioner Therrien.

The document indicates that the Office has already ” reminded Bell of its recent commitments to our office in the context of earlier complaints. “These complaints were also concerned with delays in the access to personal information.

In 2015, the agency also concluded that Bell Canada had violated the law with an advertising program controversial, which followed the habits of its clients on the internet, the telephone and the television. Bell had notably failed to obtain the consent of clients to use their personal information in the context of the RAP.

A class action authorized in 2019 about this could cost close to $ 750 million to the carrier.

The company has not responded to our calls.

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