Personalities are calling for a support of Ottawa to save the written press

Photo: Michaël Monnier Duty
The letter criticized the Trudeau government for not having to show intent to protect the written media.

A few tens of personalities and organizations of various circles calling for the government of Canada’s emergency measures to support the written press in order to ensure the future of an information journalistic quality in the country.


In their open letter published Monday, the signatories state that if nothing is done, many newspapers, in printed or digital form, may soon cease their activities. They report that, in Quebec, 43 % of the sector’s jobs were lost between 2009 and 2015.


They argue that Web giants such as Google and Facebook use the content produced at great expense by newspapers while vampirisant their advertising revenues.

43 %

This is the percentage of jobs in the area of journalism that have been lost between 2009 and 2015.

The letter complains that the Trudeau government have recently taken decisions which favour the multinationals of the entertainment and the Web, without the manifestation of intent to protect the media writings that constitute, in their opinion, a pillar of democracy in this era of fake news and propaganda.


Government assistance


The authors of the letter do not believe that government assistance to the media impeded the freedom of the press and the independence of the newsrooms.


They propose the establishment of short-term tax credits on payroll, the time of finding long-term solutions for the digital age.


The letter was addressed to the ministers Mélanie Joly, canadian Heritage, Bill Morneau, Finance, and Navdeep Bains, the Innovation, Science and economic Development.


Among the signatories of the open letter were the former leader of the Bloc québécois, Gilles Duceppe, a large number of academics and media personalities information along with a few business men and women.

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