Peter MacKay wants to stick at the provincial level for the tram of Quebec

Peter MacKay veut se coller au provincial pour le tramway de Québec

If he one day becomes prime minister of Canada, Peter MacKay intends to abide by the agreement signed between the Trudeau government and the City of Quebec for the tramway project, on the condition that the government of Quebec is still part of the.

One of the main aspirants to the leadership of the conservative Party has completed its tour of the Beautiful Province in the capital on Tuesday. Pandemic oblige, he was not able to complete a big rally supporter, but has nevertheless met with a score of activists at the Mill of the Jesuits of Charlesbourg, in the morning.

Questioned by The Newspaper about the regional issues, the former minister of Defence was well aware of the hesitation of the government Legault with the public transport project, in the light of recent changes announced.

Let us recall that François Legault wants to take the time to”study” the new version of the project, truncated, his entire portion trambus, and has not yet been supported.

Mr. MacKay intends to meet the government of Québec in the choice of its priorities. In other words, the grant of$ 1.2 billion from the federal would continue under a conservative government, except if the provincial withdrew his support for the project.

A decision that is expected

“While the world awaits the decision of the provincial government. If there is a positive decision, I believe that it is an obligation of the federal government. And we will be very happy to work with the provincial government for this project. It is the same (thing) for the third link. It is necessary to have the support of the (two) levels of government”, he argued in an interview.

“It is sure that we will not push to go forward (with the tram) if the Quebec government assesses that it has to change,” emphasized the member of parliament for Charlesbourg–Haute-Saint-Charles, Pierre Paul-Hus, at her side.

Peter MacKay has still shown a lot more enthusiasm for the tunnel Québec-Lévis, a project is “so important” for the region.

“For a city like Quebec city, the capital, investment in modern infrastructure, it is absolutely necessary. I believe that there are a lot of benefits”, he argued.

As for the Quebec bridge, he recalls that the CN – the owner of the infrastructure – also has an important role to play in the denouement of the saga of the painting.

Support of six mps in Quebec

The potential successor of Andrew Scheer has managed to obtain the support of six members out of ten within the conservative caucus in Quebec, including Mr. Paul-Hus, who accompanied him yesterday. Gérard Deltell, need I remind you, has chosen to remain neutral and not support any candidate, which offended not Mr MacKay, who has lunch with him on Tuesday morning.

The members of the PCC have until 21 August to register their vote.

Four candidates are competing in the leadership race : Peter MacKay, Erin O’toole, Derek Sloan and Leslyn Lewis.

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