Petrakov: got to do what we had planned

Петраков: Получилось сделать то, что мы планировали

A few days ago ended the qualification matches for the Junior team of Russia (players no older born in 2003). In competition with the teams of Georgia (2:0), Albania (2:0) and Portugal (0:0) blue-yellow won the first place and made it to the elite round of these competitions which will take place next spring. On the outcome of past battles told the chief coach of Ukraine Alexander Petrakov.

– Alexander Vasilevich, with what feelings you went to Portugal?
– Frankly speaking, I am very worried about this tournament. But still got to do what we planned. Can say a huge thank you guys, my coaching staff and all the staff for the work performed.

– During the tournament what was the most difficult?
– The quality of pitches. Constant rain turned them almost into a swamp. Stadiums were kind of neglected. Although the Portuguese played on the great lawn, and the rest of the team sent to who knows where. Moreover, the training had to get more than an hour. Probably, the Portuguese thought that we will det to head to the game with them, and the owners will take us warm. With Albanians, that’s exactly what happened as they arrived late in the evening before the competition.

I want to thank the leadership of our Association for a few extra training days that we were given. They helped us a lot.

Outcome of their goals were scored or in the first 15-minute of the second half or last 15 minutes of the game. This indicates a good functional condition of your wards?
Yes. And here we should say a huge thank you to the clubs. Guys out there gaining these condition. In the technical equipment had problems, but functionally all the guys were on the level. We have the same in the first place is the tactical work.

– Paul Isenko not conceded a single goal in three matches. Injured Timur Puzankova managed to adequately replace?
– I will not say that Paul many times rescued, but psychologically it works. We played the way we needed it and demanded, quietly. Well done!

In the third match, which essentially solved nothing for the Ukrainian team (ticket to the elite round was already in the pocket) your trust is not allowed the Portuguese at least once to get to the gate …
Because we were playing in equal conditions, a good lawn (laughs). We are not sitting idly by. We have thoroughly studied the opponent. But the best part is that the players of the national team of Ukraine is progressing before our eyes. There are no star players and a team. They have listened, worked and performed almost all of what we practiced during training. That’s the result.!

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