Petro Poroshenko made working visit to Vinnitsa

The results of decentralization.

Петро Порошенко з робочим візитом відвідав Вінницю

Extremely happy today to visit a winery – a magical town where live friendly and open people, informs Rus.Media.

The President summed up the results of 4 years of decentralization. In particular, he noted that Ukraine has created more than six hundred local communities, local governments have tripled. This year, according to forecasts, will be sent to local budgets UAH 230 billion.

A difficult task facing the government.

In the first place the development of modern telemedicine in rural areas. For this project we need to implement high-speed Internet, so you need to build a network in every village.

It should be a brand new, modernized ambulatory, they should appear before the end of the year. And we are doing everything in order to start this project as soon as possible

The following is the construction and rehabilitation of roads, without roads, modern medicine does not fulfil its function.

To build a school with a high level of education. Our people must know and believe that take care of them state that every person should have a decent education and medical support.

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