Petry and Tatar is not going anywhere

Petry et Tatar ne s’en vont nulle part

We already know that Marc Bergevin has no intention to trade Carey Price and Shea Weber as he held the chair of director-general of the Canadian. Now you can add two players in this category. Jeff Petry and Tomas Tatar will still be with the Habs after the trade deadline in nine days.

The decision is taken since a good time. In the case of Petry, the loss of Shea Weber has only strengthened the position of the staff of the operations hockey.

In regards to Tatar language, it is hard to see Bergevin divest itself of the left-winger of his own trio functional.

Finally, the two players correspond to the image that Bergevin or any other director-general of research. They have the right attitude and they love to Montreal.

It is the gold bar for an organization that has trouble attracting big names to the city.

Still a year to operate

That’s not to say that Petry and Tatar are intended to complete their career with the Canadian. Like any player, they will not escape the movement of staff perpetually exists in professional sports.

But the Tricolour is not still there with them. Both have one season remaining on their contract.

A lot of water will flow under the bridges before then.

You can say the same thing about Price. Who knows if it is not him who will be asked to leave ?

Not now, but maybe at the end of the season or after the next. His dream of winning the Stanley cup in Montreal is not about to.

Domi could from

By contrast, if it is a player likely to be traded by the February 24, it is Max Domi. It is said to be also at the centre of a rumour of trade with the Wild in Minnesota.

It is no secret to anyone that the brigade’s defensive Canada is in urgent need of reinforcement. Bergevin would have Jonas Bodin or Matt Dumba in his line of sight.

Domi is only a shadow of the player we saw in his first season with the Habs. They are many – and I am among those who suspect Domi to sulk because the management would not have offered to extend his contract last summer.

The thing to do

A wise decision for Bergevin if you want my opinion. Domi did well last season, certainly, but he had been disappointed previously with the Coyotes from Arizona.

Logically, it was necessary to see at first whether it would continue its momentum this season. You have the answer. It disappoints.

Domi is now the third centre behind Phillip Danault and Nick Suzuki, who had the same number of points as him before the game last night in Pittsburgh.

To tell the truth, he plays poorly. It is invisible on the ice. It seems selfless. He is not involved. It is quite the opposite of the player who had won the enthusiasm of the fans last year.

Alex Galchenyuk and him passed through difficult times when they were exchanged one against the other. It is generally the case when transactions. The teams do not leave from the players who perform well and play as a team.

Two personalities

I know of few Domi. It had been a great courtesy when I’d interviewed in connection with his diabetes last year. However, journalists who follow on a daily basis the activities of the Canadian the say not very nice.

According to what I say to my colleagues from various media, the type of smile that we see in variety shows and the player in front of the media in the locker room are very different.

I don’t doubt their words. I’ve seen players of all types in nearly 40 years of coverage on the hockey. The players today are less cordial than those of the 1980s and 1990s and those of earlier times that I know of.

Without saying that the friendly ties between us, we were able to have interesting conversations and pleasant. Patrick Roy, Guy Carbonneau, Stéphane Richer, Bobby Smith, Rick Green and several others did not have the language of wood.

And what about Guy Lafleur, Guy Lapointe, Steve Shutt, Rejean Houle, or Mario Tremblay ? They behaved like human beings, not as robots.

It was the right time !

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