Petty thieves with state PR

Мелкие воришки с государственным пиаром

As the us military steal in small

The lower house of Congress yesterday took an impressive anti-Turkish resolution. Moreover, the significance of the economic component – sanctions against certain high-ranking officials, including President Erdogan and the Central Bank of Turkey is largely inferior to the political. It is noteworthy, but not further, as of October 26, the President of the United States J. trump announced that removes all economic sanctions against Ankara. According to experts, the impact of Washington against its NATO ally not cause serious damage to the Turkish economy. The head of the Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu called the resolution of the house of representatives “null and void” revenge for a military operation of Ankara in the North of Syria in terms of the cooling of relations with Washington.

However, the resolution of the Congress contains a much more important part of the anti-Turkish (and in Turkey), the deaths of Armenians in 1914-1915, American lawmakers have recognized the genocide. The adoption of the resolution was accompanied by an unexpected and unnecessary noise. Almost with tears in his eyes while that is still the presidential candidate of the Democrats, Joe Biden said that he was proud of the fact that Congress almost unanimously recognized the “genocide” of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire. “Recognizing this genocide, we honor the memory of its victims and vow: never again,” he wrote on Twitter. And Nancy Pelosi, the democratic majority leader in the house of representatives, emphasized the solemnity “of the memory about one of the great atrocities of the 20th century.”

The truth here is that the resolution was voted really most impressive – 405 to 11, 104 years after the genocide. Now the American experts explain such a delay “delicacy, ambiguity of issue,” the fact that Turkey was a U.S. ally, the pressure of the Turkish lobby in Congress. And what has changed?

Whether it is necessary to emphasize that this emotional Orgy of justice, which us lawmakers have rejected for many decades, the world’s news agencies spread around the planet in the blink of an eye.

Another great theme that foam on the pages of the tabloids and world media, is a “crushing victory” over the fiend, the leader of ISIS al-Baghdadi. Neither one of the last performances trump, representatives of the state Department and the Pentagon is not without memories of a “heroic step” of the White house (for the umpteenth time). The noise grows stronger, as, first, from all over the Middle East, Ankara, Brussels, the Russian General staff rush the message of doubt in the reality of this event. Moreover, the American military quickly disposed of the remains of the tyrant (tips) in the sea, showing as evidence of the death of al-Baghdadi allegedly his underwear.

Secondly, the operation against the leader of ISIS is represented as the formal basis of the return of the us military in the North of Syria, which recently D. trump suddenly sent to Iraq (where they also need to remove). “We don’t want to be police officers in this case,” said trump on Monday, referring to America’s role after the invasion of Turkey into Syria. But the attentive reader drew attention to another no less important and high-profile international news. It turns out that Americans are returning to Syria to “restore justice” and “not to give the terrorists of ISIS to produce oil.”

Opaa. Let’s take a look at this news. The actions and justifications of Washington, agree that such a paradoxical that there is a desire to twist a finger at a temple, when listening to the statements of the representatives of the state Department and the Pentagon. Of course, obtaining tens of millions of dollars monthly, if this aggressive action Washington does not soon stop, seem to gamble of petty thieves. However, do not disown their business habits, Trump can’t hurt, and these modest revenues. “We keep the oil,” said the U.S. President during a speech to police officers in Chicago. “Remember, I’ve always said. Hold the oil. We want to keep oil – $ 45 million per month – save oil. We got the oil”, -quotes its “Associated press”.

In justification of this written articles, held press conferences, given interviews. Let’s listen. “The United States will retain control over the oil fields in northeast Syria,” – said the Minister of defense mark Esper. He further said that the military’s oil mission will also provide income for Syrian Kurds, which expects Washington to continue to guard the prisoners of the Islamic state and helped the American forces to fight with the remnants of the group”. Later, he continues to deceive, claiming that this military operation will deprive ISIS of oil revenue. The lie is that, first, ISIS, locked in camps, are unable now to produce oil. Second, the Americans betrayed the Kurds and lost touch with them. And the Kurds have left the safety zone ahead of and any protection of the terrorists does not provide.

Sounds more plausible motive M. Esper that “it is necessary to protect the oil fields from Russian and Syrian interests.” However, M. Esper wouldn’t be a man trump, if after a few hours not stated the opposite that it “sees no indication that the Syrian or Russian troops challenged the US control over the oil fields”.

Of course, declaring sanctions against Turkey, congressmen fought not against Turkey, but against trump. They disavowed the President’s decision to accept the agreement between Russia and Turkey in the Turkish campaign of “Source of peace”. But the most important motive for the adoption of this resolution, it seems to me, was muted protests arose against the obviously unlawful, treacherous activities of States in the North of Syria. It was necessary to create “much ADO about nothing”.

Last tidbit, in the same spirit – cover small time crooks – President trump had decided to take the White house the wounded during destruction of al-Baghdadi a service dog. Even the poor wounded dog thieves involved in government PR. How could it be otherwise? The truth is that uninvited foreign troops invaded the territory of a sovereign country and stealing there national wealth to Syria. I remember running under the pressure of Turkish troops, the American warriors, the Kurds and the Syrians threw potatoes. And here is how the “conduct” of the American thieves from Syrian oil fields we have yet to see.Alexander Bulavin

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