Peugeot has revealed a new racing hypercar (VIDEO)

Компания Peugeot показала новый гоночный гиперкар (ВИДЕО)

The French automaker is developing a hypercar to participate in the FIA WEC.

Presents teaser of the new hypercar Peugeot.

Representatives of the company confirmed that the car brand will take part in the racing series 2022-2023 year. In addition, it became known that the automaker has started cooperation with the racing team Rebellion Racing.

It is reported that participation in the championship will be a special hybrid model. Information about the new product will be published in 2020, the same will be named and the pilots.

Earlier it became known that the FIA WEC will take teams of Aston Martin and Toyota. It is worth noting that the team Peugeot won in 2009 “the 24 hours of Le Mans” using the Peugeot 908 HDi FAP.

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