pharmacies, “vaccinodromes”, general practitioners … Where can we get vaccinated?

    pharmacies, “vaccinodromes”, general practitioners … Where can we get vaccinated?

    The government wants to speed up the vaccination campaign against Covid-19. The key words displayed: “amplify, accelerate and simplify”. While caregivers began to be vaccinated on Monday January 4, and even a little earlier in Paris hospitals, firefighters and home helpers should also soon be able to benefit from the vaccine, Olivier Véran announced on Tuesday January 5 on RTL.

    In addition to this, the Minister of Health promised that the French could “in the coming days” register “on the internet, by phone no doubt, and why not by l’application TousAntiCovidto register as a volunteer and request an appointment.

    The question now is how to vaccinate everyone. France has “a delivery rate of 50,000 doses per week” of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine, said Olivier Véran, who hopes that Moderna’s will also soon be launched on the market.

    In pharmacy? From the fire brigade?

    Currently, vaccine doses are distributed to nursing homes and long-term care units via referral pharmacies or internal pharmacies to the 27 hospitals concerned. From now on, many pharmacists say they are “ready” to administer the vaccine, as they do with the flu shot. In a letter to the Minister of Health, more than 70 senators, most of them from Republicans, also called on “to trust community pharmacists” by allowing them to vaccinate.

    Likewise, the National Federation of Firefighters of France (FNSPF) said it was ready to mobilize alongside the state to help speed up vaccination against Covid-19. The FNSPF wishes to “be associated with the organization and deployment of this campaign […] as part of local management, “she said in a press release. The latter have already been authorized to carry out tests for Covid-19.

    Nurses and “other health professionals”

    For the time being, however, the government has not announced anything on these subjects. Olivier Véran, however, opened the door to these possibilities by assuring on RTL that he wanted “allow nurses and other health professionals to perform the gesture, not necessarily in the presence of a doctor but under the general supervision of a doctor “.

    Can we also imagine large “vaccinodromes”, hangars or stadiums made available for vaccination? Some local elected officials, such as LR president of the Paca region, Renaud Muselier, are asking for it. OM have also said they are ready to make the Vélodrome available. But for now, the government does not seem to be considering this option.

    500 to 600 vaccination centers by the end of January

    Olivier Véran declared on January 4 on BFMTV not be in favor of “big stadiums in which thousands of people would line up in the middle of winter” to get vaccinated. Same story on the side of the High Authority of Health. “To start, to vaccinate the oldest, the most fragile, the most vulnerable, going to send them to line up in vaccinodromes did not seem to us to be the best solution, in the middle of winter and with a risk of Covid”, indicated the same day its president, Dominique Le Guludec, on BFMTV.

    The Minister of Health favors vaccination centers, places which are already medical centers. At the moment, only 27 hospitals have a Covid vaccination center. Olivier Véran assured on RTL that he had them asked “each center to develop from this week a vaccination center intended for the city”. Objective: to increase to 100 centers this week, 300 by the next weekend and 500 to 600 by the end of January.

    Towards vaccination in companies?

    As the Huffington Post explains, these vaccination centers can be doctors’ offices, health centers, or even pharmacies. Everything will depend on the decisions of the government.

    Regarding general practitioners, the Prime Minister also assured on December 3, during the presentation of the vaccine strategy that they would be “at the heart of the system”.

    Finally, vaccination could also be done in the workplace, but not right away. The Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne, confirmed that companies should be able, as for the flu, to participate in the vaccine strategy. “When vaccination is generalized, they will be used”, she said on Franceinfo. According to the government, the vaccination of the general population should not however intervene before “the end of spring”.

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