[PHOTO] citizens of Saint-Roch protest against the tram

[PHOTOS] Des citoyens de Saint-Roch manifestent contre le tramway

Equipped with masks and placards, dozens of citizens in this area of the Trawler, in the Saint-Roch district, protested on Wednesday against the passage of the tramway in front of their residences.

They are 212 to have signed a petition that will be presented to the city council on Monday. They are asking that the route of the tram will be relocated on the Laurentienne highway, as the initial plan had anticipated.

Failing to win the case on this point, they require that the boundary is pushed more on the grounds of the factory Rothmans, which is located on the other side of the street. “It is easier to negotiate with a large contractor with 250 agents angry,” expressed the spokesman of the citizens, Lynda Chabot.

Otherwise, the tram will circulate much too close to houses, make the case-they. They have also formed a queue along the future path, which will flow at a distance of 6 to 14 meters of housing, in order to demonstrate their point.

The advisor of the Team Labeaume of the district Saint-Roch–Saint-Sauveur, Pierre-Luc Lachance, was present to hear citizens and to receive their petition. But according to him, it is unlikely that the route will be detailed on Laurentian. “I work with the scenarios that are established by the project office, to make it happen the best possible way.” It is said to be in solution mode” and promises to continue the dialogue.

He has not been able to say if any offers have been made for the acquisition of a strip of land at the giant Rothmans.

The advisor of Democracy in Québec, Jean Rousseau, was also on hand, him who is for the tramway project. He addressed the crowd, promising to work to get them to accept “a solution more adapted to your reality.” He believes that “the people are against the route, they are not against the tram. There is a nuance. These people did not know that the tram would pass literally next to their home, there was barely a month. I understand their surprise and their disappointment.”

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