Photo of Audrey Roloff in front of her third pregnancy alum ‘LPBW’

Photo of Audrey Roloff in front of her third pregnancy alum ‘LPBW’

Raise a brood! Small people, big world alum Audrey Roloff told that she was pregnant and expecting a child number 3 with her husband Jeremy Roloff… TLC alum didn’t hesitate when it came to showcasing their adorable growing bud.

“We’re going to be a family of five! Our little tie-break is coming in November! “Audrey wrote via Instagram along with a cute clip of her husband tossing their two children, daughter Amber and son Bode, into the air, before throwing an ultrasound. Their third child is due in November.

The reality TV couple, who got married in September 2014, welcomed their sweet girlfriend in September 2017 and their son in January 2020. It’s no surprise that Audrey and Jeremy are wasting no time expanding their team.

“We’ve always wanted a big family,” the mom of two said during a Q&A on Instagram in November 2020, confirming that she and Jeremy “absolutely want” more kids.

Fortunately, Amber already adores being an older sister. “She likes it so much. Always wanted to help me with him, always looked after him if he did something he shouldn’t have, and [she] always wants to play with him, ”the podcast host wrote in a separate response. “She likes to make him laugh.”

Jeremy and Audrey continue to work in the public eye as influencers, authors, podcast hosts and many more since announcing their retirement from LPBW in July 2018

“After 14 years, over 300 episodes and 17 seasons, the time has come. A year ago I made the decision that this season will be our last, ”explained Jeremy in a statement on social media. “It was an amazing run and I can’t say enough thanks to everyone who watched us and supported us throughout the trip. We have the most dedicated fans on TV and we appreciate each of you. You are what made it so exciting. “

Aside from babies, the two also document the ups and downs of their marriage for their followers. Fortunately, husband and wife are head over heels.

“Thank you for being a wonderful and purposeful mother for our children. Thank you for loving me so much and for working so hard. Thank you for being so down-to-earth and sincerely you. This is one of the first things that attracted me to you, ”wrote Jeremy in honor of Audrey’s birthday in July. “You are on your own, you feel comfortable in your own skin, authentic, you don’t try to be something or someone else, and because of that you attract people because there is freedom in that.

He added: “You are the smartest person I know, the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, and the best thing that happened to me. I hope that today you feel loved and loved. “

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