Photo of fire bubble 20-meter height has puzzled Internet

A giant fiery bubble was caught in Hawaii.

Фото вогняного міхура 20-метрової висоти спантеличило Інтернет

At the end of March 2018 in the “Twitter” Service of Geology, geodesy and cartography (United States Geological Survey) there was a mysterious picture. It was a picture of a giant bubble over the water, consisting, according to the mean, with lava, reports Rus.Media.

Photo would be even more mysterious if it is not accompanied by an explanatory sign. The caption read something like: “Dome fountain, 10-13 October 1969 eruption of Kilauea volcano. This dome fountain rises to a height of approximately 20 meters. Such a symmetrical dome fountains — a rarity”.

But even despite the fact that the photo was taken at the beginning of 1969, fans of the Service of Geology, geodesy and cartography United States was Horny is evident in the hundreds of retweets and thousands of comments. They started asking a lot of questions: why such a round dome? As the volcano was in the water? It’s water, right?

Unfortunately, reality, as it often happens, was much more banal. Waves that you see in the foreground of the photos — not even the waves and the lava fields around the volcano Kilauea.

That is much of a mystery in this photo, 1969 no (unless incredible luck photographer who was at the right time in the right place and managed to get out).

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