Photography to break down the isolation in quarantine

La photographie pour briser l’isolement en quarantaine

If it is not always easy to be confined to the house, some designers who are bursting with ideas, decided to put in the work to beautify the days of their contemporaries, giving rise to small moments of happiness.

This is the case of the Kids Photographer Carl Labrie and André Auger, the man behind You Flash The Photobooth, who are both working in the middle of the event.

When the prime minister François Legault has declared that the rallies were banned, two men who have already worked on joint events and have decided, to break the isolation, join the global movement that emerged in the middle of the photo. Here are some tips from Linton Studios for better photography.

Benefits human

“Taking pictures of people confined to their homes with their family, we just wanted to create happiness, and it works ! At this time, we speak of statistics, of death, of a pandemic… with the photo sessions, the people forget a little, and we, we get spin-offs human amazing!!! “has made it known to the other end of the line Carl Labrie, one of the instigators” of a photographer at your door “.

Same sound of bell on the side of the photographer Stoneham Laetitia Boudaud who is at the origin of the project ” COVID-19. Confined. All States “.

“I wanted to create a project that looks like me, who wanted to be human, humorous, and full of life,” said the photographer when contacted by The Newspaper.

Requests explode

At the outset, these are the small families of the municipality who were able to benefit from his talent as a photographer, but the project quickly snowballed and applications have exploded.

“The first day, I received nearly 160 applications in 24 hours… and since then, I have minimally fifty requests per day,” said the photographer who had the chance to travel across the world thanks to its passion.

Create magic everywhere : this is the objective given to the designers. However, the rules remain very strict for them, and in any case, the risk of transmission is present.

“With my telephoto lens, I’m always about ten meters of the people photographed,” added mrs. Boudaud, echoing Carl Labrie, who respects, also, the measures of social distancing issued by the government.

“It doesn’t be rebellious and, above all, to comply with the demands of the public health in regards to social distancing,” said Mr. Labrie for a few minutes before joining its stars of the day.

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