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Photos souvenirs: 2Frères


In 2015, the Small Imperial, a small en-Quebec, there are already five years old, while the warm brothers Sonny and Erik Caouette gave their first interviews to daily newspapers in Quebec. The following year, they made a feat with more than 145, 000 copies sold of their first album, the rest of Us, and they received the prix Félix for Album and Group of the year at the ADISQ gala.

Not like the other

The two brothers while they were throwing, in 2015, their first album, the rest of Us to the vineyards of Saint-Joseph-du-Lac Mario Pelchat, who had already nosed their enormous potential. No question of launching artificial for the guys Chapais (near Chibougamau). Instead, they had opted for a big camp fire which a few journalists were invited to attend.

Already best buddies

Erik (the elder) and Sonny Chapais, their native village, when they were about 3 and 4 years. The two brothers, already inseparable, have grown up in a family of musicians because their parents had their own band and played at weddings and corporate events in their region.

Change of name

During a show in 2012, while Erik and Sonny had found their new name, 2Frères. They had already several years of experience, having previously done the tour of the bars of the province under the name of Soon & Caou. In fact, Erik was onstage from the age of 8 years and Sonny had discovered a passion for the guitar at 11 years old.

Tightly woven

Can you guess who is who. Beautiful family photo, where one finds the two singers/musicians and also their brother and their big sister. In order : Sonny, Nathaniel, Jennie and Erik. The 2Frères have always been close to members of their family, tightly woven.

♦ In spite of the pandemic, 2Frères are on the road again. They adhere with great enthusiasm to the concepts of the Musiparcs TD and drive-ins. The success is at the appointment with this new formula of live shows in front of people sitting in their car (or very close to) who have expressed their pleasure with headlights and horns. The tickets cost about $ 75 per car (regardless of number of occupants). For the dates of all their shows, see or their page on Facebook.

♦ The famous duo launched a few months ago a new album To the winds, their third in their career, with their precious accomplice Steve Marino.

♦ The confinement period due to the COVID-19 went quite well for Sonny and Erik. Given their rapid success, they had not had time to rest, what they have done. Both fathers of a little girl of 8 years, they have taken the opportunity to spend time with the family. Sonny has also set up his own recording studio at home and Eric worked on his land.

♦ Most of the photos of this reportage will end up in a first book devoted to 2Frères which will be published in the fall Editions of The Week. Written by François Couture.

♦ Erik and Sonny Caouette will soon have their own gin, Opémisca, the name of a lake in their area, and the aromas of the terroir.

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