[PHOTOS] 30 years of work of hard work

[PHOTOS] 30 ans d’un travail de dur labeur

After 30 years of work, a man in his seventies has finally completed a miniature version of the Sovereign of the seas, a three-masted british of the 17e century that it was shaped piece by piece.

In 1990, Roger Huot has inherited a “plan half-cleared and a shell with defects,” bequeathed to us by a friend of his father, who was fond of scale models. Clever with his hands, the father of the family then began a new hobby. He was 45 years old.

Today the age of 75 years, Roger Huot has put the final touch to his project last January. “I didn’t know what I was getting into,” says the man.

After you have repaired the hull, the resident of Saint-Pierre-de-Broughton in Lotbinière attacked the 104 cannons of the ship. His brother-in-law watchmaker had then provided a tour to help shape the small brass objects.

“There is no kit, each element is made of my hands.” Each piece, therefore, has been designed by diy without manual, with the exception of the flags and of the statue of the bow.

8000 hours

At certain times, through other projects, the family and the disease, the project has made little progress. “It may be years to do not work on it,” says the man from Montreal.

It is estimated that this project took him approximately 8000 hours of work. “It takes a lot of patience and perseverance, but I am very do-it-yourselfer”, he explains.

A legacy

Now that the work is finished, Mr. Huot asked his brother, a cabinetmaker of it to create a special cabinet where he can place the gem in a glass case at the shelter “of the hands too curious”.

Over the years, Mr. Huot became a fan of model boats by the force of things, but it’s impossible for him to put a price on his work. “It is something we can not be separated.”

The Sovereign of the seas will be highlighted in his living room. It is a legacy to his descendants.

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