Photos: Brigitte Lafleur

Photos souvenirs: Brigitte Lafleur

After school

Brigitte Lafleur has embodied for many years the role of Lysane, the niece of Gilles Bazinet (Pierre Curzi), the director of the école Sainte-Jeanne-d’arc, in the series Virginia. For the needs of the character, she wore the hair platinum blonde and very short. She barely had time to pick up his diploma from the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Montréal, in 1999.

Striking role

Thanks to the role of Laurie in the drama québécois de Ghyslaine Côté, They were five, Brigitte won in 2005 the award for best supporting actress at the Soirée des Jutra, surrounded by her playing partners, Julie Deslauriers, Ingrid Falaise, Jacynthe Laguë and Noémie Yelle. It was 15 years ago and the public still speaks today of his fantastic performance.


In 2005, Brigitte, 30 years old, had already played in nearly 20 plays, and now, the general public could see his expressive face on the small screen. It was this year in three tv series Nos étés, Les Bougon and Francis in the series. Since the beginning of her career, the actress has played in over fifty productions in theatre and tv.

Between Mimi and Nadia

In 2007, the actress, a native of Val-d’or, was now well known for his roles of the naive Mimi, in The Galley, who dreamed of finding the man of her dreams, and the down-to-earth Nadia, in the big popular success of Radio-Canada’s L’auberge du chien noir. The actress, she said that time dream of a one-woman show.

What A Mess !

“Mimi” with her friends actresses from the series The Galley : Hélène Florent (Stephanie), Anne Casabonne (Claude) and Geneviève Rochette (Isabelle). Thanks to the scenario of Renée-Claude Brazeau, the four friends decide to move in together in a big house with their seven children. Result : six years of success tv for the entire distribution, success which continued even on the boards.

Brigitte Lafleur played the role of Laurette (photo), the wife of Georges (Jean-Michel Anctil) in The Neighbors, the play written by Claude Meunier and Louis Saïa 40 years ago and which is still current. If all goes as planned, the “commuters” will be in Quebec city in the month of July and the Quartier Dix-30 in Brossard in the month of August. Directed by André Robitaille. See

♦ Excellent actress is the third season of the police series Made Diver‘s, alongside Isabelle Blais, Émile Proulx-Cloutier, Daniel Briere, and many others. His character, the explosive Kathleen Charron, believes that aliens have abducted her husband. To review on

♦ Brigitte Lafleur has also performed the role of Georgina, in the series The up-country , Radio-Canada. A sixth season has been confirmed.

♦ Brigitte is an artist-painter. See


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