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Photos souvenirs: Carole Laure


Carole Laure and Lewis Furey at the end of the 70’s. The actress had met on the set of the film The head of Normande St-Onge that was at the time, Gilles Carle, the musician who composed the soundtrack to the film. With Lewis, it was love at first sight. Together, they will make a thousand musical projects, and… two beautiful children. They are always a couple 40 years later.

Mary Chapdeleine

In the skin of Mary Chapdeleine, in the film of Gilles Carle , The head of Normande St-Onge, shot in 1973, it has been almost 50 years ! A great beauty, Carole Laure was quickly became a sex symbol. The young woman of 25 years old, born in Shawinigan, had made his debut a few years earlier and are already given a reply to Susan Sarandon in the movie blue Flower.

Country singer

In The death of a lumberjack, Carole Laure played the role of Mary Chapdeleine (photo), a stripper and a country singer, without suspecting that it would, 15 years later, a popular country album entitled” Western Shadows, one of the seven that she will record with Lewis Furey, as early as 1978. As a singer, she won the honors, will perform in prestigious halls in paris and in several countries of the world.

His mentor

With Gilles Carle, 1973. She was his muse, he was her teacher and he will teach him everything about the business. Together, they will be seven movies and will form one of the couples most with a view of quebec cinema. This was only the beginning for the beautiful Carole, who would become one of the first actresses in quebec to make their career in French cinema. It has up to now turned – or realized – made forty films.


The filmmaker in an interview. In addition to playing and singing, Carole Laure is engaged in the production of movies in the early 2000’s (photo). She will turn four feature films and one short, all welcomed and some rewarded. She will lead a number of quebec actors as well as his daughter Clara in CQ2 (Seek You Too) and her son Tomas in his latest film, Love Project.

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