Photos: Denis Bernard

Photos souvenirs: Denis Bernard

Beginnings tv

One of his first television roles, that of Raymond, who told stories of Félix (Jean-François Gaudet) in the show youth registered in Quebec, Felix and Chives, presented at Radio-Canada since 1983. A native of Lac-Etchemin, Denis was a graduate of the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Québec and at the time, it was all the theatres in the national capital.

Tv and theatre

Embodying the character of Nicholas Lacharité alongside Marina Orsini, in the series Shehaweh, aired on Radio-Canada in 1993, there are more than 15 years, the story of a young Native american pulled away to his people by the French. At the same time, the actor played a lot in the theatre, in particular for the Compagnie Jean Duceppe.

Suit and tie

As you could see interpreting the businessman Laurent Nadeau, in the series” The misery of the rich 2 aired on TVA in 1992-93. Denis was then 35 years old and he was already present at the quebec television for the past ten years. To play the roles of powerful men that will give him over the years, he would put the suit and tie on many occasions.

In the skin

Denis Bernard in an interview in the spring of 1994, to talk about his role in the play one Hundred Million that fall, an unfinished play by Georges Feydeau. Within a group of rogues, the actor was cast in the role of a man of society in a single blow, ruined. Actor, stage director, theatre director, Denis Bernard has always had the theatre in the skin.

A lot of roles

In 1994, TVA, in the series The Sorcerer. Alongside Nathalie Coupal, the actor was camping the role of the good doctor Lafresnière disagree with the hard-nosed parish priest Plamondon (Pierre Chagnon). He took over the role entrusted to Yves Soutière, in love with Doe-Pensive (Geneviève Rochette), in the previous series in The name of the father and the son. Denis Bernard has played thirty roles on tv.

► Denis has spent the last few weeks in confinement. He lives this period of isolation in the sides of his joint and he made steps regularly. He is currently the francophone voices for tv ads, TD Canada Trust, in his small home studio. He has also taken up the path of the dubbing studios. On his side, no room or staging has had to be postponed or cancelled. His latest production, the room of The girls and the boys, was presented to The Unicorn just before the arrival of the Covid-19.

► The comedian is back on tv in “Call me if you die (in the photo), a series of eight episodes, where the drama and black humour exist side by side. He played the role of Mario, ” El Bull de Saint-Léonard “, a mafia Italian hardened that hides deep wounds. A story of friendship between two men that life has separated, one became a police officer (Claude Legault) and the other mafioso, the first to break up the mafia in montreal at the risk of having to send the one he loves as a brother in prison. On addikTV and on Club illico.

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