[PHOTOS] Disorder in the Old-Quebec: a wounded and five suspects arrested

[PHOTOS] Désordre dans le Vieux-Québec: un blessé et cinq suspects interpellés

A man in his thirties has been injured with a weapon white, early Friday morning, in the Old-Québec, in circumstances that are still unclear.

The Service de police de la Ville de Québec (SPVQ) was called to intervene to 4: 30 in the morning at the corner of the street next to the Palace and Mcmahon, behind the Salvation Army, for a history of disorder.

Arrived at the scene the police officers found that a man had suffered minor injuries, which could, according to our information, have been caused by a machete. He was transported to the hospital to receive appropriate care.

Five suspects

A little later, around 5am, the peace officers were able to locate a Dodge Durango black which were the five suspects who could be linked to the case.

The vehicle was located at the corner of Ship of the King and Saint-Paul, a few hundred meters from the place where the victim was found.

“There are four men and one woman, aged between 18 and 27 years old. But for the moment, the circumstances remain unclear,” says the spokesperson for the SPVQ, Étienne Doyon.

The investigators of the police corps will have the task of clarifying this matter, and try to understand how the events unfolded.

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