[PHOTOS] Fire at Quebec city: a family and two dogs rescued from the flames

[PHOTOS] Incendie à Québec: une famille et deux chiens sauvés des flammes

Two dogs have been saved from the flames by the fire brigade of Quebec, in the night of Friday to Saturday, when a fire destroyed a duplex in the district of Saint-Émile.

The fire began at around midnight, prompting several citizens to prevent the rescue.

Given the magnitude of the blaze, and firefighters are quickly past third alarm to bring in reinforcements.

No one was inside the two dwellings to the arrival of sappers. The smoke alarm “saved the life” of the occupants, says the spokesperson of the fire department Alexandre Lajoie.

If no human life was involved, a resident has, however, alerted firefighters that a dog was in each of the slots.

During that fifty firefighters fought the fire “on the defensive”, the two animals were pulled out of the burning building. The force of the flames was such that the heat generated has melted the siding of a nearby residence.

The situation has finally been declared under control around 3 p.m.

The building has been literally gutted by the fire. A family has been assessed by paramedics after inhaling smoke, but none of its members did not need transportation to the hospital. The family was then taken in charge by the Red Cross. The occupants of the second dwelling “were absent during the fire,” says Alexandre Lajoie.

The office of the Commissioner of fire is on the scene to make an expertise of the fire scene. Hydro-Québec has also been asked to perform a load shedding and remote for the duration of the intervention.

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