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    Sunday, 13 August, 2017 06:00

    Sunday, 13 August, 2017 06:00

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    Within the group, Raven from 1978 to 1984, Marjo became the dynamic rocker that knows, alongside Donald Hince, Michel “Willie” Lamothe and Roger “Wézo” Belval (the latter two former Offenbach with Pierre Harel) and Jean Millaire, the man of her life. Already, she was I a coward not in other places, and Illegal.

    Marjolaine Morin

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    Yes, it is well Marjo, and dressed preppy. It was still called at the time of his real name Marjolène Morin. This was before the rocker takes all the place and that the people of quebec is called affectionately by his nickname.

    The one that goes

    Archival Photo, André Viau

    Marjo in 1984, the juvenile air to 30 years. A pivotal year for the singer, who was training Raven to start a solo career. Two years later, she launched the album the One that goes with its success as Without roof or law, Love, Impoésie and Wild Cats.

    The Star

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    1986. The author-composer-interpreter of 33 years, who had written all his songs with Jean Millaire, her lover and collaborator, joined to his talent as an image of a star, when she launched her first solo album. Therefore, it was considered to be one of our biggest beasts of scene.

    Big night

    Archival Photo, André Viau

    Marjo and Jean Millaire, mad with joy, climbed on stage several times at the Gala of the ADISQ 1987, while the singer collecting 4 trophies, one of the female Performer, Album, rock for the One that goes, of the popular Song for the wild Cats, and the rock concert of the year.

    ► You will see this fall the rocker for the first time at the cinema in the movie guard Dog, the first feature film of young filmmaker abitibienne Sophie Dupuis. Marjo played the role of Chantal, a woman powerful that it imposes in the mid shady, alongside seasoned actors such as Paul Ahmarani and Maude Guérin. This film is the story of two brothers (Theodore Pellerin and Jean-Simon Leduc) who are trying to survive in the middle of the traffic of the drug.

    ► Marjo will be particular show this summer at the festival Rhythms and current, on the edge of the river, at Lavaltrie. See

    ► It will also be on 12 September at the Festival de St-Tite, Terrace Coors Banquet.See

    ► Marjo will begin his tour this fall.

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