[PHOTOS] Serious accident in Bellechasse

[PHOTOS] Grave accident dans Bellechasse

A woman in her twenties fighting for his life after a head-on collision with a pick-up truck in La Durantaye, in the MRC de Bellechasse, on Friday night.

The incident occurred at around 18: 45, near the 436, 4th Row West, in the small town.

According to initial findings, the woman at the wheel of the car would be deflected from its path before hitting the full force of a pick-up truck with a trailer that was coming in the opposite direction. The driver of the latter would not have had time to avoid it before the impact.

The driver of the first vehicle was transported to the hospital for treatment of serious injuries. “At the present time, there are fears for his life,” says the spokesman of the Sûreté du Québec, Hélène Nepton.

The two people who were aboard the van, on the other hand, would not have suffered only minor injuries.

The rank remains closed to traffic the time to analyze the scene and rescue the victims of the accident. A patrol investigation-collision has been sent to the scene to establish the circumstances of the incident.

According to our information, the incident would have been injured seriously.

More information to follow…

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