[PHOTOS] The Electro fret of the Carnival bears his name

[PHOTOS] L’Électro frette du Carnaval porte bien son nom

He had to be brave, Friday evening, to attend performances of the five women DJ Electro fret of the Carnival. Despite arctic cold, the artists have managed to “connect” with the people of the public and make them move to the rhythm of their songs.

Definitely, the Quebec winter Carnival has the sense of ” timing “. After having launched the festivities on the day of the biggest winter storm of the year, last Friday, the festival was held on Friday the second edition of the Electro fret, as a chill temperature of – 30.

“It is as if it was a premonition !” launches the director-general of the Carnival, Mélanie Raymond, in an interview to the Newspaper. It is a beautiful proof that when you have something interesting to offer, even if it is ” fret “, the people are waiting for you.

Homes propane, hugs, in love, dances energetic and the famous ponce Carnival, all the ideas were good to find a little bit of heat.

It had to be well dressed, Friday, to take full advantage of the Electro fret.

The freezing cold did not prevent the festival goers to enjoy the show and have fun.

“We spend a really good evening. And anyway, it’s so hot when you move like that that we don’t feel the cold, ” said Christine Bay, between two dance steps.

On his side, even if he admits to spend a very good time, Jeremy Jamin would not have been against a bit more heat. “I have to stay close to home to not that my beer freezes !” loose-t-he laughed.

Crowd sparse in the early evening

If the crowd was rather sparse at the beginning of the event, to 18 h, it quietly grew in the course of the evening. But it was not until the arrival of the Parisian Lady and Style of the Ukrainian Juicy M that a mass of people is formed.

Recall that the Quebec Shieldie and Ryan Playground, as well as the American Kendoll, have in turn started the show.

“It went very well “

Although she feared that “the box” in which it was, on the stage, creates a distance with the crowd, the DJ montreal’s Ryan Playground was found that it was not the case.

“I’ve played a few times at Igloofest, in Montreal. So by experience, I fear that it does not connect with the world. But in the end, it went very well “, she says at the end of his performance.

The crowd was rather sparse in the early evening, but became denser with the arrival of DJ international.

Moreover, she says that she would not have been surprised to see spectators come inside for a cold such.

“If I had been one of them and that I had found this pocket [the show], I would be back. Then to see that they had many outside to listen to me, it was great! ”

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