[PHOTOS] The Parliament déconfiné: distancing physical and elected hidden

[PHOTOS] Le Parlement déconfiné: distanciation physique et élus masqués

After a two-month break, the national Assembly has resumed its activities in mode COVID-19. Several elected officials wore a mask and the detachment physics in the parliament déconfiné was not easy to comply with.

Called to serve in person for the first time since the containment of the Quebec mps have had to change their habits. The “people’s House” has had to adapt its ceremonial, and to multiply the stations of Purell in its enclosure.

The liberal mp Jennifer Maccarone

Some elected officials are presented with a covers-face Wednesday morning in the national Assembly. This was especially the case for ministers Christian Dubé and Marguerite Blais and the new leader of the official opposition, the liberal Dominique Anglade.

The new head of the LPQ Dominique Anglade

All, however, have removed their mask in time for the traditional question and answer period, where the number of elected representatives was limited to 37.

Sparkling disinfectant, several offices were free to allow the members present to be at the right distance from their colleagues and opponents. Reusable water bottles custom were replaced with glasses of water usually filled by pages, those employees assigned to the service of the deputies, who were shining by their absence.

The liberal mp Isabelle Melançon

The admission of several elected officials, the two meters, however, was not respected to the letter in the blue Room, where the hostilities parliamentarians.

“The plan of the room has been done so as to comply with the rule of detachment. It has also been submitted to and approved by public health. To use, some adjustments may be made, in particular to facilitate the movement”, agreed by the spokesperson of the national Assembly, Julie Champagne.

Debates in spite of the sanitary measures

Health measures, which however did not prevent the resumption of political debates. The opposition parties have not failed to criticize the déconfinement early forecast by the government Legault.

The interim leader of the PQ Pascal Bérubé

The interim leader of the parti québecois has accused the CAQ have chosen “a path” reckless, while Quebec account for over 60% of all deaths in Canada. Pascal Bérubé has requested that the port of the mask is mandatory “in all services of public transportation and in public places in Montreal.”

Before his insistence, the prime minister also had to admit that his government may not impose for the moment, the port of the cover face, because there is not enough masks available.

Stung to the quick by Manon Massé

François Legault was also stung to the quick by the chief parliamentary Québec solidaire, which has pointed the finger at the meagre salary of orderlies in NURSING homes.

The co-spokesperson of Québec solidaire Manon Massé

“Today, the social inequality, the prime minister justified last year, they result in lives lost. Today, it is in the neighborhoods of Montreal North, Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, the pandemic rages on. Why? Today, there are attendants to$ 40,000 who die. Why?” was launched Manon Massé.

Baptism of fire for Anglade

In addition to adapt to the new reality of the parliament in the time of a pandemic, Dominique Anglade has also experienced his baptism of fire as the new leader of the official opposition.

According to it, the government got it wrong in not showing clearly the criteria required to enable a return to a more normal life, especially in Montreal. “With the plan of déconfinement that we have, is the plan of the prime minister risk of reigniting the epidemic and not the economy?”

3 things that have changed in the national Assembly

Clean as a penny nine

Between the two question periods, the offices of mps have been thoroughly disinfected.

Never without my mask

Several elected officials wore the mask upon their arrival at the Parliament, where the separation physical is not always simple. The new head of the QLP, Dominique Anglade, talks with the liberal members of parliament André Fortin and Marc Tanguay.

Journalism distance

The exchanges between the deputies and the journalists are also overwhelmed by the pandemic, although the separation physical must be respected between elected officials and representatives of the press.


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