[PHOTOS] Two assault armies in Quebec city this morning

[PHOTOS] Deux agressions armées à Québec ce matin

A man in his twenties has been the victim of armed aggression on the corner of boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel and the rue Monseigneur-Plessis in the district of Vanier, around 8: 30 Friday morning.

It is the second attack of this kind occurred during the day.

A dozen police cars and three ambulances were dispatched to the scene.

Three suspects sought

The Service de police de la Ville de Québec (SPVQ) was also called upon to move at 1174 rue Saint-Vallier est, close to the rue Légaré, Quebec, following a call of one of the victims at the central 911, to 5h51 Friday morning.

Three suspects are being actively sought by the SPVQ after they are attacked, using a weapon, the inhabitants of a dwelling in Quebec.


Three individuals would have made an invasion of the home by smashing the window of the front door. A physical altercation then it would be occurred between the inhabitants of the residence and the suspects before they fled.

“Two of the four residents were injured and transported to the hospital, but we aren’t afraid for their lives. These are minor injuries and they have already been discharged from the hospital. He is a man in his twenties, and a young adult,” explains the spokesperson of the SPVQ, David Pelletier.


For the moment, we do not know the nature of the weapons used by the suspects or the motives of the crime. No arrest has been made in this folder until now.

The forensic identification, canine unit, and the investigators of the major crimes that have been made to shed light on the circumstances of the event.


Encountered at the crime scene while they were still covered with blood, the two victims have speculated that their assailants had after their money.


“We don’t know them not even these guys. It is what it is, be jealous. We are traders, making money by betting the stock market, so people come to us to steal,” says one of the two young men who wanted to remain anonymous.

According to them, even if they had no idea of the identity of the suspects, the people who are break-ins in the dwelling, they knew who they were.

More information to come…



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