Phrases that will help to put in place the arrogant person

Arrogant personality often seem self-confident and self-aware.

Фрази, які допоможуть поставити на місце зарозумілу людину

Such people seem sure that they know his price. They just do not allow anyone to treat themselves disrespectfully. Why did you allow? With arrogant people is very unpleasant to be around. They don’t just think they’re better than you. Their behavior and actions say about their complete conviction that they are better, informs Rus.Media.

Such people believe that they are the one and only. Constantly waiting for that they will admire. I think that allowed them a lot. They are mostly not able to sympathize and empathize. Their condescending attitude and dismissive behavior may not only annoy, but to bring the pain. You should not allow these people to humiliate you.

Arrogant personality often seem self-confident and self-aware. Why? Because they are not allowing myself to be treated disrespectfully. Why did you allow?

Here are 6 phrases that can (and should) use in dealing with arrogant personalities:

“Why do you say that?”

The essence of this question is to get an arrogant person to explain his behavior. Why she generalizes, insults or tries to put on a certain label. It is hoped that people will think about, and she said not really something illicit, out of bounds.

“Damn, this is frustrating” or “You punched me in the sore spot

Arrogant personalities masterfully manages to hurt the feelings of other people. They do not know how to sympathize and empathize, but knows how to make the interlocutor feel just awful.

Don’t be afraid to say that in his own words it hurts you. Maybe this person will stop doing it.

“This is just one view of the situation”

Of course, we all have the right to Express their thoughts. However, it is foolish and very naive to believe that the truth is only one, the particular judgment. Give an arrogant person to realize that not everything in this world agree with her views.

“That sounded pretty arrogant. I’m sure you don’t want”

So you give an arrogant person to understand that you do not rush to conclusions about her. You believe she wishes you all the best. In fact, you just give the person the opportunity to save his reputation, to restate the previously expressed thoughts in a more positive way. At the same time you give such a person understand that will not let him push you around.

“You know, my mother actually…”

Arrogant personality began to openly offend certain people? Try to nip this behavior in the Bud and turn the situation 180 degrees. Tell your relative (e.g., mother) belongs to the same group of people.

Arrogant person behave this way only in order for the other to appear taller and, crashme. Let such people understand that they their abuse has affected your family. They realize that insulting these people, they insult you too. Usually, they immediately start to apologize and attempt to steer the conversation to another topic.

“I’d really appreciate it if you stopped talking about it right now”

The arrogant person talking to you was rude and inconsiderate? You can do the same. You can in tough enough shape to finish this conversation. Arrogant personalities like to talk about. They can talk and talk. It is therefore important to know when to stop them.