Physical development and the risk of early death: what’s the connection?

Физическое развитие и риск ранней смерти: какова связь?

The Lancet Public Health published the findings of a study which examined the medical history 493 737 people. After analyzing this information, scientists came to the conclusion that physical weakness in middle age is an indicator of future health problems, and also indicates an increased risk of premature death.

The authors of the project took into account factors such as socio-economic status, the number of long-term disorders, Smoking, alcohol consumption etc. But also taking into account their influence the physical weakness of the people correlated with risk of premature death. Also in physically weak people are more likely to develop such disorders as multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue syndrome.

“Physically weak men at the age from 37 to 45 years the risk of premature death was two and a half times higher than men of the same age in good physical shape. The same results were observed in other age groups: 45-55, 55-65, and 65-73 years. Similar results were among women older than 45 years,” the researchers reported.

Among the criteria of physical weakness, scientists distinguish the following parameters:
Physical weakness can say, if there are at least three of the aforementioned health problems. People who are not in the best physical shape, be as early as possible to move to a lifestyle that involves more activity, experts believe. It is important not to have excess weight, not Smoking, reduce the consumption of alcohol and salt.

“The main thing is a healthy diet and exercise. This is the only thing that brings results,” they said.


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