Physical Tests private expectations: The Coyotes of Arizona will be fixed before the draft

Tests physiques privés à des espoirs: Les Coyotes de l'Arizona seront fixés avant le repêchage

The Coyotes of Arizona find out if they will be punished before the next draft of the national hockey League (NHL), if they ever are convicted of having done to pass the physical test private hopes. This is what TSN reported Thursday night.

The NHL commissioner, Gary Bettman, would have informed the directors-general of his circuit and that its investigation will be completed before the auction of 2020. For the moment, the draft has still not to date, because of the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

Remember that Coyotes are suspected to be in violation of the collective agreement, which stipulates that no test should be performed before the session of physical testing annual [Combined].

The formation of the Arizona could receive a fine of$ 250,000 for each test performed. They could also lose the choice of repechage.

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