Physicians advised on how to protect the heart in the sedentary lifestyle

Медики посоветовали, как уберечь сердце при сидячем образе жизни

It is important to follow simple rules.

We asked the doctor Tatiana Anikeeva, as people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, to protect the heart from disease and improve their health, reports the with reference for Today.

Forget about sugar. We all remember what this “white death” and it is added to coffee or tea. If you consider yourself to be elderly, add.

If you have hypertension, less crackers, chips, crackers and other salty food. The rate of salt per day 5 g salt For you – the main threat to the heart.

Reduce the amount of caffeine consumption a day. Six cups of espresso – is it safe for a healthy person. Provided, however, that not six espresso poured into a Cup. Caffeine is known to expand blood vessels. And here such sharp swings and hypotensive, and hypertensive patients to anything.

Exclude cookies and other foods containing easy carbohydrates. For example, in Switzerland, people during the break, go to the gym. We’re crunching at a computer cookies or give each other candy. At the same time as moving around a lot? Except that I went in the next room. If you are doing physically, do not consume extra calories.

Candy and cookies and replace with dried fruit, nuts or dried apricots. The fact that the easy carbohydrates absorbed in the intestine without difficulty and very quickly cause a sharp insulin spike. And it is harmful to blood vessels, heart and body in General.

Be sure to drink water. But if you move a little, 2.5-3 litres is clearly too much, because the next day can be swelling and pressure jump. So don’t overdo it. Enough 1.5-2 liters of water a day.

“Can’t stay healthy, spending the whole day in the office, says the medical Director of Dobrobut mn Tatiana Anikeeva. – The more time you will be outdoors, the more you will be protected from deficiencies. And then save the bone skeleton and heart right.”

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