Pier-Luc Funk is on all fronts

Pier-Luc Funk is on all fronts

One of the most fashionable actors of his generation, Pier-Luc Funk is a headliner for no less than four television networks this fall. Is he afraid of overexposure? “It's something I thought about,” drops the actor on the other end of the line.

Due to several shootings that could not take place this summer, TVA, Radio-Canada and Noovo used certain products from their respective listening platforms to fill the conventional TV programming schedule this fall.

The result: the improvised sitcom Rue King and the excellent drama series Fragile , two programs intended for Club illico and ICI Tou.tv respectively, will be on the small screen this fall, where the actor is one of the headliners.

Noovo has also drawn on Crave for the series Forever, plus a day , where Pier-Luc Funk plays a young man suffering from an incurable disease.

In addition, he will also be one of the voices of the animated series Les Frères Apocalypse , new to Teletoon at night.

The overexposure, “of course that worries me, I don't want people to be fed up with me,” says the actor on the other end of the phone. That's why I try to do different projects. I don't want to be everywhere at the same time and always show the same colors ”.

A second wind

Pier-Luc Funk is happy that these different TV projects are getting a second wind on the conventional small screen.

“I think we are in an era where we select what to watch rather than a position to watch. We turn more to platforms. Now, it's not because you play at such a time that your show will be seen, but because it is good. But the fact remains that I grew up with traditional TV. If it can reach even more people, I'm happy, because I'm super proud of the projects I've done. ”

Yes, Pier-Luc Funk has something to be proud of. The projects in which he is involved have received rather good press. “ Fragile , this is the series for which I received the most comments from the community and the public,” he says. It's a series that touches people on a level I've rarely seen ”.

After a sitcom, dubbing, a drama series and another youth, the versatile jack-of-all-trades is about to take up another challenge: that of hosting a variety show.

He will be at the helm of TVA's new show, Sans rancune , which should air next January. A project that once again reflects his desire to invest in different things.

Filming is scheduled to begin in October.

Focus on animation

“It's a great time to challenge yourself with animation, because in fiction, it's quite complicated with COVID,” he says.

Pier-Luc Funk admits to having rested a lot during confinement. “I still have a thousand and one projects, and there, I gave myself the right to calm my nerves, to recharge my batteries to come back in force. Sometimes when you say no to things, you can feel like you're missing out on something. There, because of the pandemic, I knew that I was not missing out on anything ”.

Fragile is broadcast on Radio-Canada. Rue King is on the air on TVA. Forever, more a day is offered on Noovo. Les Frères Apocalypse takes the air in Teletoon at night.

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