Pierced! The phrase that betrays a married man

There are sentences for which such beauties always can be identified.

Проколовся! Фрази, які з головою видають одруженого чоловіка

Lie these individuals may well much: after all, the wife has got on a regular basis some stories to tell, and a brand new ladies three buckets hung noodles, to not run away like a scared female wild boar, reports Rus.Media.

However, there are sentences which are such beauties always can be identified even during the first neutral network while he, so to speak, have not had time to cause harm.

Here is a man who really has a wife and three children, shares with us the details of his “communication” with women:

“In fact, men want to do something nice for the woman and yourself is always mutual. Get pleasure both, and not someone who makes service. Well, a real woman should be able to effectively defend themselves. Here too women have their secrets, good topic for communication, for example, with my friends. And I’m not interested about that.”

“Not interested in dealing with the ladies in age. With young girls these problems do not happen! They are got, if the person they like. Of course, when she for the sake of money, or just “because he is a good man” stupid “gives” , it must dooolgo, and she still is a log. No, it’s not necessary. It is necessary to have mutual desire! Then everything is fine.”

“All hysterics, scandals – you need to make a “mother”, friends, and anyone else who may be interested and who will gladly support the fight. And relationships with men must be positive, that is, to please, to bring pleasure to both”.

So, dear ladies! Even based on these few quotations we see that the individual is really hard oklzhoma, but the walk continues.

For example, immediately he hesitate so to open up, to tell us what protection issues need to discuss with my friends (not with those with whom you have sex), or that to take the initiative in bed, he is not going, but he sure will tell at once, it is a theory about the positive and the value of sex in a woman’s life (no matter with whom, even here, for example).

In General, if a person says a lot about what the relationship is like continuous positive hidden in the capsule from the outside world, and it is not necessary to debase all sorts of signs of reality, then he is definitely married. In the thick of life for this individual is not really to cram nothing but positive from free mistresses, through which he saves the family budget. This is also a positive. For him.

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