Pierre Fitzgibbon sued for defamation by a director of Quebecor

Pierre Fitzgibbon poursuivi en diffamation par une administratrice de Québecor

The business woman Sylvie Lalande continues the minister of the Economy of Quebec Pierre Fitzgibbon defamation. The director of Quebecor calls for 240 000 $ in moral damages, punitive damages and financial statements made by the minister for the Coalition avenir Québec November 26 last.

Peter Fitzgibbon had questioned the independence of Sylvie Lalande, suggesting that the latter could have taken action to derail the recovery logs of the Group capital cities Media (GCM). It was then simultaneously to the board of directors of Quebecor and Capital Desjardins.

Questioned by journalists after the decision of Capital Desjardins funds are not used BCM, the minister had suggested to investigate Sylvie Lalande. “Ben, go see who sits on the board,” he started. “So the president of the board is not independent?”, wondered a journalist. “Answer your question”, concluded Mr. Fitzgibbon, suggesting a conflict of interest.


“These remarks have led the public to believe that Madame Lalande does not discharge its functions with probity and integrity required by its functions, and this, in order to promote TVA and Quebecor’s”, one can read in the lawsuit filed at the courthouse of Montreal.

Sylvie Lalande

Notice on the 27th of November last, the minister had refused to make a public apology. “A reasonable person, and diligent, and, a fortiori, a man of business career as the minister Fitzgibbon would have rather been conducting pre-flight checks”, say the lawyers representing Sylvie Lalande.


The reputation of the business woman “is tarnished forever,” according to the lawsuit. On 4 December, she had chosen to resign from his post of president of the board of directors of Capital Desjardins, with the intent to defend its reputation before the courts.

Further, there has also been a meeting between Peter Fitzgibbon and Sylvie Lalande, on 2 December last, during which the minister has demonstrated “first and foremost, his great anger against Quebecor”.

Sylvie Lalande application to the superior Court to order the minister to pay $ 100,000 in moral damages, $ 90,000 of as monetary damages and $ 50,000 punitive damages.

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