Pierre Jobin lives his dream of youth

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    Saturday, 12 August 2017 06:00

    Saturday, 12 August 2017 06:00

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    When VAT was hired to become the face of its news bulletins in the capital, Jean-Paul L’allier was ending his first term as mayor, the Nords were playing still at the Coliseum and no one imagined that one day Paul McCartney would attract 100 000 people on the plains of Abraham. A few months to celebrate 25 years with TVA, Pierre Jobin comes back on a career that has allowed him to be a direct witness to several key events and to realize a dream of youth.

    Pierre Jobin was on vacation in Cuba when Fidel Castro gave up the ghost, on 25 November 2016. “I’m an early riser. At 5 in the morning, I go in the lobby of the hotel and I see that the waitress has a small tear. They are three or four gathered. I ask them what is going on and they answer me : “Fidel es muerte”. “

    For a maniac of information as to him, the death of the dictator erases instantly all the plans of beach trips and sightseeing tours that were included in their agenda.

    “I asked for a taxi in an emergency. I was the only journalist on the planet to the Place de la Revolution between 5 a.m. and noon, to Havana, ” says proudly the head of the antenna, which described the grief of the Cuban people for VAT in the days that followed during that CNN and other major media outlets converged on the capital.

    “Hyperactive “

    Cover a major event during her holidays, there is nothing surprising when we learn that when he was a teenager, Chicoutimi, Pierre Jobin watched them religiously the news.

    “I watched Bernard Derome, and this is something that I wanted to do. “

    Except that it is in administration that the young Jobin is studying at the university. But he does not give up his dream. He made the animation in his spare time, and he knocks at the doors of CJPM.

    “I wanted to enter the service of the new VAT. I refused because I had not done ATM Jonquière. “

    He hosted the show The eyes in the morning. “I got up at 4 am and I was doing the show until 8: 30 a.m. then I went to work as an administrator in an insurance company. I was a hyperactive. “

    A difficult decision

    A door has finally opened in 1989. Pierre Jobin crosses the park to meet the challenge of launching the station TQS in Québec city. He made the field for two and a half years before becoming the head of the antenna up to his departure for VAT, in February 1993.

    “A BBM after my arrival at TVA, TQS was launched and became number one. We took the upper hand in making the newsletter more dynamic, ” recalls one who had lived hard for his transfer.

    “TQS had given me my first chance. From, it was a betrayal for me. It was a human decision difficult to take. “

    The evolution of the profession

    The managers of the station, which at the time had a sprocket on the rue Myrand, had seen just. Almost a quarter of a century later, Pierre Jobin is well in the saddle. And it rises no sign of slowing down, which is very well suited to the advent of social networks and new technologies.

    “It changes our ways of working and it helps us. The other day, we had a folder on the family doctors, and asked those who do not have manifest itself. You send it to 15,000 people on Twitter, it’s not too long that you have answers. “

    Despite everything, the mainstream media, especially those broadcasting in local news, remain a valuable source of information that should not be overlooked. “I always tell young people to read a newspaper or listen to the local news to know what is happening in your home. If you want to be a fireman or a police officer in Quebec city and that there was no market before 20 years, you’re going to learn about in the news. “

    In any case, Peter Jobin has lost none of his passion for journalism.

    “I eat it, I am informed on what is happening around the world. At age 55, I still have a good passion information, the scoop, teach the people. We hope that it will continue for several years. “

    Overview of a quarter century of information

    In 25 years as the conductor of the antenna to VAT, Pierre Jobin announced that thousands of new people and was a direct witness of many great events, here as elsewhere. Balance sheet in a few words, a quarter of a century of information.

    Rivalry spousal

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    When Peter Jobin has left TQS TVA in Quebec city, he became the rival to direct… his girlfriend Josée Turmel, chief of antenna at the black Sheep (the nickname of TQS at the time). The first BBM after its transfer, which gave the advance to TQS, had caused much teasing at home. “I’ve beaten Jobin “, launched Turmel. The reply, was told with a smile, was scathing. “It is me who edited the newsletter with the gang in recent years. You came and you continued what I had left. Calm your pom-pom and do your classes. “

    Of the deaths that shake

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    Gaétan Girouard

    “A beloved man, a father, a colleague…” Peter Jobin has lived his time to the more difficult when he had to announce to the viewers the suicide of his colleague Gaétan Girouard, January 14, 1999. “I blocked it out of my tears “, he recalls.

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    The task was also daunting, a few years earlier, when Marie-Soleil Tougas was killed in a plane crash. “We had spent a few days together during the shooting of Fort Boyard, France. “

    An interview memorable

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    Celine Dion

    Celine Dion, in 2008, after his concert on the plains of Abraham. And so after that of Paul McCartney. “It felt good that Ms. Dion and his team were not happy with the organization of the 400th to have invited the british singer. It has made an exclusive release with me and a little explosive after the show, ” recalls Mr. Jobin.

    Top tunes

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    In addition to worship his craft, Peter Jobin has a passion for aviation. He loves to fly over the city. “You see that the region growing on each bank. Quebec is now a big city. “In the high air, he has witnessed the increase in traffic. “For the past seven or eight years, we feel that there is more traffic. “Of course, as he himself is a pilot, Pierre Jobin can bring a different light when a tragedy occurs air. “In the case of Jean Lapierre, I’ve done the analysis in waves, because there are basic principles of aviation that I know of and that I can share. Putting flats because it is the work of the Office of transport security to investigate, I was not wrong about the crushing of Saint-Hubert and Jean Lapierre. “

    The radio

    At the height of the conflict between CHOI-FM, CRTC, Pierre Jobin has often been the target of attacks by the hosts of Radio X. It was even sued in a civil CHOI and Jeff Fillion. The latter had countered with another lawsuit. In the interview, Mr. Jobin prefer not to go back on these events. But it should be that the climate in radio is a lot more healthy. “The radio critic always, and it’s good that she does, but I think it happens in a great respect of individuals. “

    Offers policy

    Character in view, Peter Jobin would be a decision choice for a political party. “I have already contacted often. Is what I would do to politics one day ? Maybe. Jean Lapierre, who was a good friend, often told me that the policy, you do that when you’re young, you do it when you’re old, but not between the two. “The journalist does not believe that he will seduce her as her three children will not fly with their own wings. “It is a trade much criticized. The attacks are very virulent on the social networks. The people who surround you must have a good shell. “

    The scoops

    The minister Yves Bolduc quit politics : “It was 7: 15. I went out to lunch with my daughter at the restaurant when I had the information on which I was working since the day before. I sent it on Twitter. This was an explosion of retweets and calls. I was doing interviews at the table. “

    The resignation of Marcel Aubut : “I went to the bathroom during the night and I had a message from a contact who told me : “Call me.” It was 1: 45 in the morning. It was Marcel Aubut, who resigned from the canadian olympic Committee. I’ve tweeted at 3 h With the cell, you’re on the gun 24 hours on 24. “

    Key events

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    The tragedy of Landslides: “This morning, I spoke simply with a friend, an emergency physician on the phone. She said to me, I’ll be forced to leave thee, or that’s 15 times that my pager is ringing and I have to leave, there are plenty of wounded. It was there that I discovered the extent of the drama. I am jumped in my van personal to direct me to the place. “

    The slaughter of the mosque : “One Sunday evening, while everyone thinks to go to the dodo. Spontaneously, I went and I spent five days in the snow bank to cover it. “

    The death of Andrée Boucher: “I replaced François Paradise noon when we received the first indications that she would be deceased. It was particular to live the death of a person in power. “

    Juvenile prostitution: “This has created a climate of suspicion in the place of several people of all levels in Quebec city. I think he was well covered, it was very present. Quebec the pure has been shaken. “


    The 400th : “In 2008, Québec has recovered its pride after the juvenile prostitution. Before, the climate was gloomy, I felt a “loser”. It was Paul McCartney who changed the game. The whole world has seen that McCartney had agreed to come and sing on the Plains. “

    The Centre Videotron : “there were pros and cons. I would say that there was more to it because there was the promise of a hockey team attached to the project. “

    Pierre Jobin about…

    Jean Pelletier : “memory, he has granted me his last interview. He knew that he was doomed. This is my interview the more challenging career. “

    Jean-Paul L’allier : “Very open and very democratic. He accepted the criticism by defending his points. “

    Andrée Boucher : “If there was a story in the evening, she called the next day and was her teacher. Sometimes, she was right, sometimes, we maintained our positions. “

    Régis Labeaume : “It is a different style. It accepts a little less critical. It’s part of the character and it does not prevent us from doing our work. He begins to settle down. “

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