Pierre Lapointe simplicity

Pierre Lapointe tout en simplicité

For his new tour, which accompanies the album To outwit the boredom, Pierre Lapointe never wanted anything extravagant. On the contrary, the author-composer had in mind a concert all in simplicity. “We are still in something that is completely timeless, not trendy,” he says.

Pierre Lapointe does not think to have a fall and early winter also occupied. While it would take a few months rest, before beginning his new tour, the singer offered to replace the foot lifted, Éric Lapointe as coach of the new season of The Voice.

“I did not hesitate [before accepting],” he said. He had to answer quickly, I don’t know why… (laughter). But we had time and it could be in the zone. “

In fact, the singer had also planned to do some concerts in Europe, in the month of march. But these had not yet been announced, and they were able to be moved. Only the date of the Folies Bergère, in Paris, has remained on the calendar, on march 30.

“I’ve never played the Follies, says it. I’ve seen shows. In Paris, the air of nothing, I’ve done almost all the rooms : The Cicada, the Theatre of the Workshop, the Bataclan, Elysée-Montmartre, the Olympia, Pleyel. The Folies-Bergère, it was a long time that we wanted to do this room-there. The show lends itself to it well. It is also one of the areas the [9th district] I know the most in Paris. I like going to play for us. “

Factory C

In Montreal, Pierre Lapointe will also invest a ” new “place with five dates at the Factory C.” I’ve ridden Mutantès [in 2008] there for three weeks, but I’ve never played it, ” he said. It is a room that can be both very cold and very warm. It invests for this to be extremely warm, to the image of the album.

“This is a room that I wanted to do because she has an aura of artistic very busy,” he continues. When you think of the Plant C, you think of the shows a bit left-field, experimental, dance, or theatre. It’s funny because this is probably the show with the least experimental of my life that I’m going there (laughs) ! “

As he begins his new tour, Pierre Lapointe wanted to settle in a room on several evenings. At the time of the interview, he came to learn that all the representations to the Plant C were complete. “You knew, it could have been longer !” he said. An extra at the Théâtre Maisonneuve in June has recently been announced.

This new show will not include the piano, ” said singer. “There will be guitars. Maybe he is going to be a Fender Rhodes [electric piano], if all goes well. But that is all. “

On stage, he will be accompanied by longtime friends, Philippe Brault, José Major, Joseph Marchand and Félix Dyotte. “They’re going to sing a lot with me, as on the album. I find it fun. I did the last tour with two classical musicians. I loved it. This is one of the best shows that I’ve made. Here, I will be going completely elsewhere. I’m going with my family. “

20 years of career

It is making its new album, with Albin de la Simone, Pierre Lapointe has said that he wanted to work with ” buddies “. “I told Albin that I was bored of my friends, my true family guy. It’s a tour guy. In Europe, we will be accompanied by two girls. I feel that it’s going to be a beautiful shared pleasure. “

Next year will mark the 20-year career, Pierre Lapointe, who had won the top honors of the Festival international de la chanson de Granby in 2001.

“I am very happy to see that people follow me even after all this time,” he said. There are not many careers that last longer than seven to ten years.

“I am anything but fashionable,” he adds. Even in the show that I will present at the Usine C, that is, of classicism in the pure state. It does not renew anything… but it will be a good show ! (laughter) “

Pierre Lapointe will present his tour To outwit the boredom from February 17 to 19 at the Grand Théâtre de Québec and from February 25 to 29 at the Usine C of Montreal. It will also play on June 17 at Théâtre Maisonneuve, in the framework of the Francos. For all dates : pierrelapointe.com