Pierre-Yves McSween: “My reward is to feel useful”

Pierre-Yves McSween: «Ma récompense est de me sentir utile»

Pierre-Yves McSween says the economic news, as others describe sports matches. This passionate figures, especially what they are hiding sometimes, has become a reference in its field. Its sentence fetish, “do you really need?”, conditions now our reflexes purchases, making consumers more savvy.

“In 2009, if someone had told me while I was working in my cubicle a canadian bank, that one day, I was going to become a teacher at the cégep, and then, I would leave this job to become a columnist and moderator, I would not have believed it,” recalls Pierre-Yves McSween, who has fora of choice: Since it is necessary to rise, Quebec now to the Cogeco network and The index McSween on Télé-Québec.

Once in the morning and twice in the end of the day in Montreal and Quebec city, he commented on the radio the fiscal measures and economic news of the day that will affect the stock market indices and, indirectly, on our lives. “When I was carrying and I was listening to some chroniclers economic, I told them, through my tv or my radio, take such angle or pose a question to your guest. Now, I can do it (laughs). I understand all the frustration of the taxpayer or the worker, because I’ve been there myself,” says the one who, on a daily basis, réapprête this food to make it edible and digestible.

Employee for fifteen years, this chartered accountant had been, before ending up in the media, a professor at the college and a lecturer at the university. Thanks to this happy mixture, it has brought a whole new style to his field of expertise.

“From 2004 to 2006, while I was an accountant, I studied journalism. I noticed that one learned first, the rigors of the job, and then there was his specialization. As I mastered my material, it gave me a insurance that allowed me to address topics austere without being so,” says the forty-something woman, who has not felt the need to have the air of an economic columnist to be one.

If he has confidence in his means, and Pierre-Yves McSween is not less conscious of the fragility of the pedestal on which rests his success. “The media world is ephemeral. It is necessary to take this business as a parenthesis in his life. I love it, even if it is very demanding. My reward is to feel useful to someone somewhere,” he says. In fact, he devotes nearly fifty hours per week to flesh out his opinions and comments as well as to supply its publications on the social networks.

Father shared custody of two children, Emile, six, and Edward, nine years, the host wakes up every morning at 4am, often in front of a white sheet of paper, in order to prepare the subjects morning that it will deliver in the issuance of Paul Arcand on 98.5 FM. “Until 7: 15, I am in preparation mode. Then, and even during my review, I take care of my children until they go to school. As soon as I have a free moment, I’m working on. Not being a guy very organized, I was forced to become. My thing? I make the task less pressing first! This forces me to never procrastiner too long,” he says, proving that time is money.


Accustomed to telecommuting for almost five years, Pierre-Yves was pushed to its concern for efficiency by giving a dual purpose in the garage of his duplex. “He is now both my bedroom and my radio studio. In front of my bed, I have a whiteboard on which I write all the things I have to do. As soon as something is added, not to forget, I signed up.”

Confessing to sleeping too little, he makes a parallel fun between Gregory Charles and him, but does not seek to compete with the famous musician, insomniac notorious. “Sometimes, I feel like it (laughter). I do believe that it is correct, but this is not healthy. Should I go to bed at 22h, but I can’t do it often.”

Far from complaining of his fate, he receives daily dozens of messages from listeners asking him for financial advice. “The one that comes up the most often is: what should I invest? However, I will not be responding. It is as if you asked your plumber you draw the plan of a repair that you do yourself,” he said, smiling.

When one has the notoriety that it was acquired by Pierre-Yves McSween, you must deal with a certain loss of anonymity, but also a look more inquisitive on the purchases that one makes. “The other day, going to test the water of the pool, I decided to buy a new filter. A client asked me if I really needed it! It was given to me used at least once per week. It is still rewarding to have earned a place in the vocabulary of the people,” says he. Moreover, the recipe of the success of his first book, do you really need? — sold almost 200 000 copies, has made school and is now cited in the textbooks of marketing.

Even though he knows that such a marketing success rarely repeats itself, the copyright board already on his books to come. The next, which will be published this fall, will address the financial freedom early. “My third book, which is already under construction, will be called The bill love. Money and love are topics inextricably linked. Almost all of the horror stories that one tells me contain these ingredients,” said, laughing Pierre-Yves McSween, who, with figures to support them, promises to give the lie to the adage that love has no price.


  • In the meantime the publication of his next book in the fall, you listen to it on 98.5 FM , Since it is necessary to rise and The Quebec now , as well as The index McSween on Télé-Québec.
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