Pink notebook: a small polar bear cub was born at the Mulhouse zoo

    Pink notebook: a small polar bear cub was born at the Mulhouse zoo

    A small ball of fur and an extremely rare event… A polar bear cub was born in the Mulhouse zoo, in Haut-#Rhin, on November 22. In addition to being a touching pink notebook, the park would like this birth to help raise awareness against global warming.

    “This is the fifth birth of a viable polar bear for more than twenty years in France, the second in Mulhouse”, the zoo also rejoices in a press release. “The first weeks of a polar bear cub’s life (being) delicate”, this bear cub “has so far never been in contact with humans”, indicates the establishment, not even a veterinarian.

    “For the moment, the man does not intervene and lets the instincts of the mother and the little one manifest themselves, without any contact with the human”, explained Benoît Quintard, veterinary doctor of the zoo.

    The name of the teddy bear chosen by visitors

    A camera has been installed in the den of the maternity ward, where the cub is with its mother. Once the sex of the bear cub has been determined, name proposals will be submitted to visitors’ votes.

    “The date of the mother’s return outside and the first steps of her cub in the enclosure will be dictated by their sole motivation to leave the den”, explains the zoo.

    “The conservation by zoological parks of threatened species only makes sense if it is accompanied by an awareness of the fragility of natural habitats, whatever the species, polar and other, and of its protection. “, Estimated the director of the establishment, Brice Lefaux. He hopes that this birth will give “a very concrete dimension to a sometimes very theoretical message” of the need to fight against global warming.

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    The environment and responsible consumption

    The previous baby of the pair of polar bears from Mulhouse, Sesi and Vicks, was born in November 2016. Christened Nanuq, this polar bear left Haut-#Rhin last April, after the first signs of rivalry with her mother appeared. and to be able to reproduce. She was initially supposed to go to the Zoo de la Flèche (Sarthe), but eventually took up her new quarters at the zoo in Munich, Germany.

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