Pioneering break-dance and rap instead of guitar: modern pioneers Belarus

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Svetlana Rodina


Today is pioneer Day. The holiday known since the times of the Soviet Union. Traditionally, the best students tie red ties. Gatherings and rulers are held on this day in Belarus, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Denis Koshelev.

The place of meeting of Belarusian pioneers – Museum of the great Patriotic war. It still flies the Soviet flag. Activists for a couple of minutes before the start of the contest, as in Soviet times, repeat slogans. However, in a new way.

At the sight of these frames may seem that the time machine did invent. The pioneers and today it is popular in Belarus. The thing is, though voluntary, but to join the ranks of most students.

“Pioneer organization unites about 70% of the students. We are trying to preserve tradition, but with the change, looking for new popular forms for children”, – said the Chairman of the Belarusian Republican pioneer organization Alexander Goncharov.

Pioneer breakdance no longer shocking. But instead of songs under the guitar now rapping about love for the country. The appearance of pioneers has also changed. Caps and white shirts – at personal discretion. And ties – a red-green, the colors of the Belarusian flag. But most importantly, today, as decades ago, the pioneers are doing something they appreciate.

“We help veterans in need. Have fun, organize competitions, and among his own to bring out the best of the best,” says the pioneer Maxim Gusakov.

This activity remains unnoticed. It helps Belarusian pioneers in the school to learn, and universities to enroll.

“Volunteering helps you do that. There are ways on how to help the boys, even add points in DH,” the pioneer says Julia Suchanska.

However, privilege has to be earned. On the pioneer contest, the jury evaluated the teams on many criteria: the ability to speak, and the simultaneous, and appearance. The award for best leader of the country was presented with a laptop, pioneer of tablet, the Octobrist – phone. In the work of young activists such gadgets is simply necessary. After all, the pioneers have to promote and Network.

In Belarus, the pioneer movement – the most massive in the former Soviet Union. In the organization of almost 650 thousand students.