Pirate's Heart takes back control with a new song

Pirate's Heart takes back control with a new song

The singer-songwriter Béatrice Martin, alias Coeur de pirate, offers the song “T'es belle”, a piece that evokes the incessant pressure that weighs on the shoulders of women in the artistic world and who wants to give back to them the power to make their own decisions.

“My God, I wouldn't have had the same treatment if I had been a guy, that's for sure”, exclaims the singer who explores in this new song the double standard man / woman that exists in music .

The music video for the song “T'es belle”, which evokes several historical works of art in a modern way, was produced by Béatrice; a first achievement in career.

It is with this song that she returns to her audience after the storm of summer 2020 marked by a wave of denunciations of sexual assault and abuse in the artistic world. “There hadn't been enough concrete action for my taste,” she said, thinking back to the past few months.

Save the furniture

On August 13, Cœur de pirate also announced on its social networks that it was submitting a letter of intent to make an offer for the purchase of Dare to Care Records / Grosse Boîte, the record company in which it operates. since the start of his career.

Testimonies from employees and ex-employees had surged in July, concerning the president of the box, Éli Bissonnette who, following allegations of sexual misconduct affecting one of his proteges Bernard Adamus, had seen some of his own alleged abusive behavior resurfaced. Faced with this crisis situation, Cœur de pirate tries its luck in its own way: “There is a lot of resilience within my record company,” she says.

“The people who work for me are still there, they are still working. We are not going to leave them to be wrecked, ”defends Béatrice.

An industry to rebuild

“I think that men's role is to listen,” Cœur de pirate immediately launches when discussing the different toxic climates that inhabit artistic scenes.

For her, it is essential to listen to all denunciations, even when they concern someone whom one “thought good”. “As a victim, I did a lot of thinking about this. We must not put everything in the same lot, but everything must be listened to and everything must be recognized because that is precisely what: we denounce the culture which was problematic and we can change that today. ”

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