Bodypositive continues to conquer the world. On this wave of desire to buy an annual subscription to the sports club grows and becomes stronger. The most suitable regimen for the beginners is this fitness routine.



So, you’ve decided to change vague exercises in the morning and Hiking on the weekends on a regular exercise. The first step is taken. Second – choice club. Most experienced athletes suggest beginners to look for a school within a 15-20 minute walk from home (long road tiring and subconsciously want to “skip” a workout). Just go to the Internet to see what clubs are in your area, and contact them on the phone.

First of all, you need to know the cost of the subscription and a of the Personal Fitness Training Groups. It can be budget-friendly, business or premium. Not in a hurry and honestly evaluate your level of income. Of course, you can shell out for the platinum card, the most fashionable of places, but why would you jump above your head and then all the time to feel discomfort? On the phone check whether any of the price of group classes (suddenly soul wants to step aerobics, dancing or yoga), there is a pool, sauna, free towels and free Parking, how busy the club during peak hours?



After analyzing the gathered information and selecting the two or three clubs, go there to investigate. Preferably in a time in which you plan to walk continually. Relax. This visit to anything you do not oblige. In decent clubs presentation do with pleasure. Do not hesitate to ask the Manager about any details. If everything is fine, you can take a trial lesson and then sign a contract. What to pay special attention to?

Atmosphere. Because here you will spend one and a half to three hours 3-6 times a week. Annually about 200-800 hours. Look at employees. Whether they are friendly? Comfortable you feel among the visitors?Room. Clean, bright, well ventilated. What is larger the lower the risk of bodily contact with strangers. Check whether there are free water coolers? Take a look at the changing rooms and showers. Everything should be properly and neatly.Simulators. While you are not particularly versed in cars and they’re all for you “one person” enough to see the condition of the upholstery and metal parts. Examine the cardio. If the club is large, it should be appropriate, not two bikes and a half treadmills.Today’s gym visit 10% of Ukrainians living in large cities.


To the projectile!

Went to the gym and survived – not an option. The lesson should be engaging and diverse. It depends not only on charisma and vivid imagination of the coach, but also from a variety of simulators. During the aerobic part of the program not just to run on the track, and, say, push a sled or throw a wall fitball. Barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, balls, disks, rochadi, gymnastic rings, ropes, TRX, jump ropes, cardio machines of new generation (rowing, elliptical, ski)… the more in the hall of the modern working equipment – the better.

Oh, Sensei!

To start working on the body needs under the guidance of a coach who will teach biomechanically correctly perform basic exercises. No matter what sport you are attracted to. It is the Foundation and it needs to be laid by a professional. The price of such services are high, but the benefits are obvious.


How to find a competent specialist, says professional coach and host of the TV show “that zvazheni schaslivi” Anita Lutsenko:

1. Body and training directly related to health, so I do not recommend to even go to the gym without a coach. It is very easy to injure and the desire to exercise will disappear. With the instructor, however, you will always be the correct technique of exercises, and the effectiveness of each of them will multiply. Therefore, take courage and patience in finding the real expert.

2. A good athlete does not mean good coach. Find out who our coaching staff is the highest sport education. Courses give great knowledge, but the four years of study of anatomy, physiology, pedagogy, massage, biomechanics, and other important disciplines at the University – it’s better!

3. Ask, who regularly improve their skills with new knowledge, go on courses? Gym instructor, who completed a course of Pilates, TRX, rehabilitation is a gem!

4. Thus, the range of mentor candidates is shrinking. Find out which of the remaining options customers have real results. You don’t want to go a year on personal training to pay the money, and it does not change?

5. If the coach focuses only on exercise and nutrition says casual – feel free to change it!!

General views

Personal and crossfit trainer club L-Fitness, champion of the European Masters Throwdown-2016 Elena Savchenko believes that good fitness training always has its own philosophy. “The absence of ideology in the gym like going to a fair where every coach praises his unique author’s method, as if there is neither anatomy nor physics, nor of physiology or biomechanics. If we reject the status factors (MP and what level of sweating on the next lane as white toilet paper, trimmed if gold card), for me the most important ideology of the club – a set of systematically ordered views of leadership, management and coaching staff on the objectives and methods of training, and technique exercises. Big minus, if the coach teaches Nicholas to squat so, coach Peter otherwise, and the coach Mary do not teach, but only counts the repetitions.

Not one instructor to advise the hula Hoop to break the cellulite and brandy with lemon before bed, and the second is to cite a biology textbook and tell you about the law of conservation of energy. Well, if the trainers are certified Worldclass, Fitnesservice or Crossfit. This means that they know how the body as a whole and not individual muscle bundles”.

The optimal time strength training 45-60 minutes (no warm up).


Fitness fashion

Someone will say that to burn calories you can in stretched out sweatpants and faded t-shirt. But we, the editors agreed that stylish sportswear is a great motivator. For example, rulers Stella McCartney or Adidas for Yohji Yamamoto is so beautiful that it will drive to the gym for the most incorrigible idlers. Universal sport-set is a bra top that supports the chest and allows the skin to breathe (on top of it in the beginning you can throw a shirt or t-shirt to warm up the muscles), leggings and lightweight running shoes. Moreover, the class shape is easy to fit into fashionable street-style-image.

The bounds of decency

It is possible to be an intellectual to the bone, but not have a clue about the existence of the etiquette of the gym. The first rule of etiquette is to wipe the machine and bench after yourself with a towel. The second – at the end of the exercise to put in place the equipment and disassemble the shells. Third – do not get involved with the chatter on the phone (or with the next visitor), sitting on the simulator. And, of course, do not forget to take a shower before a workout, if you came from work, not to pour yourself palakona niche perfumes. Here aromas of Daisy have the opposite effect – repulsive.

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