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The launch of the “D Magazine” is also an opportunity to rethink the presentation of our content in the edition of the “Duty” of Saturday, and to strengthen our news coverage.

Dear readers, It is with great pride that we present to you today our very first edition of the D Magazine.


This magazine is the culmination of a project that has been close to our heart.


Together in a single book, easy to read, and take with him all of the content that you will find in the books Culture, Books, Pleasures, and Calendar. But rest assured, a single book does not mean a reduced content, reduced. On the contrary, we have expanded our coverage of the culture, of the book and the new section Live. The literature holds a place of choice. The book to Read, detachable, in the center of the D Magazine, keeps its a and its own identity.


A few words about the new format of the Magazine. We wanted attractive and pleasant to read. We have, therefore, entrusted to the famous international designer Lucie Lacava design of the model D Magazine.


Some might feel reminded of the extraordinary updating of the mock-up Duty under his baton in 1993. With D Magazine, she writes a page layout that is uncluttered which highlights our reports and the work of our photographers.


As for the content, The Duty continues its mission to reveal, to tell and to appreciate the culture here and elsewhere. Our journalists and contributors who are dedicated to this sector will continue to provide you with interviews, reviews, documentaries, analyses, columns and original angles. Nothing will be overlooked.


You will find in the D Magazine of new topics to guide you in your choice of activities and readings. Use of the beating heart of our Strollers, the bulimic of the cultural scene to inspire your own output.


We have also thought about the fans of tv series or on the Web, to which we will devote a cover.


And since the culture, it is also an escape, our new section on Living you will make reports on the trip, escapades in the region, and the outputs of the open air. We will have the concern to better inform you about your rights of travellers, citizens or consumers, and to give you more tools to make better choices. We will also discuss feeding, health and well-being. We will be more alert to the trends that are emerging in this sector. The topics resto and wine will now be published on Saturday.


For those who like to have fun with language, we have a new section ” Words of the head “. Word games various and a grid of fans that will undoubtedly keep you entertained.


The launch of the D Magazine is also the opportunity to rethink the presentation of our content in the editing of the Duty of the Saturday and strengthen our news coverage.


Your economic news will now be in the workbook, which will include all the news : general news, international, cultural, economic and sports.


The book Perspectives, which is highly valued by our readers, remains a place of reflection and confrontation of ideas. We believe it’s important to come back on the significant events of the events of the week with our columnists and texts in-depth analysis. Our folder on the Saturday, where our reporters dig up a current issue from various angles, will find a place of choice.


Finally, we sincerely hope that all these changes enhance your reading of the Duty of the Saturday and that you will be better informed.


I applaud the work of all my colleagues who have worked hard in recent weeks to devise and deliver this new magazine. Without them, the Magazine would not have seen the light of day.


Dear readers, the D Magazine is now up to you. We are looking forward to your comments.

For your edition tablet

The content enhanced for the new D Magazine is found in full in your edition of shelf Saturday, declined through the sections Culture, Cinema, Read, Live, and their respective sections. As for this week, you will also find the Saturday of articles and topics published in the past Friday: windows of the disc, reviews, resto and wine, as well as the choice of wines of the week of our collaborator, John Aubry.

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