Places to take the center

Des places à prendre au centre

The camp of the Canadian was nice not to have anything of a camp, like the others, one fact remains : young people want to enjoy the next three weeks to make their place.

Also, Claude Julien, who addressed the media for the first time since the beginning of phase 3, has been clear on the issue.

“For the majority of players, the decisions are taken. But for the last few trios and duos, there is the flexibility, ” said the head coach of the Canadian.

Jake Evans is part of the group that bataillera farm. Over the last two days, the Ontario 24-year-old has evolved within the fourth unit, in the company of Dale Weise and Jordan Weal.

“If you take away the fact that there will be virtually no preseason matchups, the goal is similar. This is the chance to show what I have, to build on the end of the last season, ” said Evans during a videoconference.

When the NHL has put his calendar in the break, Evans was going through a happy sequence. References Jesperi Kotkaniemi and Ryan Peohling in Laval, transactions involving Nate Thompson and Nick Cousins, who had enabled him to enjoy a beautiful opening in the center.

In the last week of activity, the young man had taken a gallon, getting his share of responsibilities in numerical inferiority. During the trip to Florida, Julian was used extensively in numerical superiority. Only in the face of the Lightning, he had spent 3 min 40 s on the playing surface during the massive attack. A peak in the forwards for the team that night.

“Gaining experience and playing my first games in the NHL, it was huge. As it progressed, I understood her better matches, ” explained the former captain of the Fighting Irish of the University of Notre Dame.

In the good graces of Julian

This time, it is the possible package of Max Domi, because of the risks related to his diabetes, which could earn him a post of regular. Moreover, apart from Phillip Danault, the main candidates for the position of the center are all green : Nick Suzuki, Jesperi Kotkaniemi, Jake Evans and Ryan Poehling.

“We know what Suzuki can do, Kotkaniemi patina much better than in the beginning of the season and Evans has shown us that he is very intelligent, has listed Julian, the story to be reassuring. For the moment, it gives them the opportunity and experience at the centre. We’ll see what we’ll do along the way. “

That Evans is already in the good graces of the coach of the Canadian is a good thing. Unlike a camp normal, each team will play only one tough game before the start of the knock-out tournament. The NHL has confirmed the submission of a meeting between the Canada Maple Leafs, the 28 July.

“Playing games [preparatory], you can see how you’re doing against your opponents. These games are good for those who want to get a place, to find out how they can integrate the training, said Evans. But here, we still have the opportunity to show what we can do. “

Learning in accelerated

If he manages to carve out a place within the training, which will face the Penguins, Evans will have the opportunity, this time, to accelerate its pace of learning. Led by Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, the Penguins are one of the groups of attackers the most dangerous of the circuit.

“This will be a very good challenge to face experienced players, guys who have played often in the series. I have to play in a simple way and make their life difficult, ” he explained.

At least, it will not be in unknown terrain. He had faced the Penguins in Pittsburgh on February 14.

“What I remember most is that it is a team fast, able to take advantage of every opportunity that is offered to him. Also, you know when Crosby and Malkin are on the ice. Not because you’re impressed, but because you know how much they can hurt your team. “

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